DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameBruce Wayne
AffiliationBat Family, Wayne Enterprises, Justice League, Hellfire Club
  • Detective
  • Martial Arts
  • Peak Conditioning
  • Intimidation
  • Science
  • Prep Time
  • He's Batman.

Bruce Wayne is Gotham's favorite son who is frequently the face of Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne Foundation. Sometimes he ends up on page 6, and sometimes he makes a fool of himself at social parties.

The Batman is a seemingly omnipresent force in Gotham City; despite the fact that few have seen him and many are sure he actually does not exist. He has been rumored to endanger the youth, as sometimes he is said to have a brightly-costumed adolescent or teenager in his retinue. Others call him a menace and a threat to the safety of the city. Those a bit more savvy know he is involved in the Justice League, an association of powerful superheroes. Those who know him, know better than to talk about him -- they're pretty certain he's listening.


It started with a flash of light. The light didn't come from a dying world, a lightning bolt smashing chemicals or an alien ring. It came from a 9 mm automatic pistol in a back alley behind a newly renovated movie theater. The theater was showing 'The Mark of Zorro'.

Flash. Dr. Thomas Wayne grabs at his chest and falls. To young Bruce it's like a huge tree collapsing or a bridge pillar shattering. Mrs. Martha Wayne struggles briefly with the man. Her pearl necklace breaks. "Thomas! You've killed him!"

Flash! Now two bodies lie still. The robber's footsteps echoing as he runs. Bruce kneels by his parents wondering, "What happens now?"

There were hands helping him up for starters, throwing a coat around him. Lt. Gordon was trying to take a statement while talking him down. Dr. Thompkins giving him a check up and then something to drink to calm down. Then Alfred Pennyworth arrived in his chauffeur's uniform extending his hand. "Come Master Bruce," he said. Like that the plucked the boy out of the whirl of police, doctors and reporters and no one got in his way.

"What happens now?" Bruce stammered as they left the police station. For one moment Alfred's reserve cracked. He couldn't look his young master in the eye for just a moment. Then in as steady a voice as he was capable of he said, "We ... we go home Master Bruce."

The funeral was a huge affair. The Governor, the Mayor, all the upper crust; the Lawsons, Blakes, the Kanes, the Crownes, the Elliots, and the Cobblepots. After everyone left Bruce walked through the mansion's empty halls. He wondered "What happens now?"

It took a few weeks to forget about Bruce. He kept a low profile, homeschooling, no activities outside the occasional movie. Lt. Gordon didn't forget him. Neither did Dr. Tompkins. They worried. It came to no surprise to Gordon when the boy simply left when he was 14.

No one had a god answer for Bruce asking, "What happens now?" What happens to his parents' killer? Does he get away? What happens to me? Do I always have to feel this way? What happens to all the people, all the victims?Do we just let this go on?

For seven years Bruce traveled and he studied. He learned martial arts in hidden monasteries the world forgot. He learned man hunting from the mercenary Henri Ducard. He learned discipline and inner strength from the O-sensei. There were many more. He worked passage on tramp freighters or paid for airline passage, whatever suited him. Sometimes he lived on the streets is the most impoverished and dangerous slums in the world. He saw many predators and many victims. Seven years later he quietly retuned to Gotham City and an overjoyed Alfred.

"What happens now?" Alfred asked with the slightest of smirks.

"I apply to the FBI," Bruce said.

That didn't last long. After some research Bruce discovered the red tape and management maneuvering in the Bureau was not to his liking. The Police were much the same and in Gotham almost completely corrupt. So one night Bruce hit the streets alone searching for something he couldn't name. What he found was a pimp slapping his underage working girl around. In the brawl that ensued Bruce was knifed in the leg, the laceration nicking his femoral artery. He escaped as police arrived and went home, still bleeding and debating whether to wake Alfred to administer aid or just bleed out.

"What happens now?" He thought.

A bat flew through the window. Bruce watched fascinated, his wounds forgotten as the creature flew through the cluttered room and then escaped out the open window.

A survivor. A creature of shadows and the night. People were terrified of bats but they kept vermin in check. Bruce sat up and rang for Alfred.

It took weeks to gather the most basic equipment for what he planned next. A protective suit, mask and cape were fabricated from old Wayne Tech projects that failed to find a backer. Alfred said it was often cheaper to get more soldiers than assure the ones you had would live. He helped with the cosmetic features of the suit. Forensic gear was brought into the caverns under Wayne Manor, robotic construction machinery expanded grottoes and built vehicle ramps.

"Why all this? Why?" Alfred asked.

"No one ... should have to feel the way I was made to feel in that alley. Criminals should be made to fear."

"You're declaring a war on crime?"

" ... Sure," Bruce said sliding his cowl on.

"You're going to clean up Gotham City ... on your own?" Alfred was finally raising his voice now in concern for the man he loved like a son. "One man?"

Bruce turned around and stepped out of the shadows, eyes invisible behind reflective lenses. With a swirl of his cape he stood taller, somehow larger and quieted further protest from the butler.

"I'm Batman."

"You're Batman? What does that mean?" Commissioner Gordon demanded of the shadowy figure.

"Consider me a concerned citizen, a friend. The CD I gave you has full background checks on all the officers in your anti-corruption task force. Two of them were bought. My guess by Rupert Thorne."

"I'm supposed to take your word for this?"

"No. You're supposed to double-check the evidence I gave you. Draw your own conclusions."

"You're pretty full of ... hey where'd you go?"

"Haha Hoohoohoo! Hahaha!"

"What happens now?"

"Haha ... excuse me? Well I've disarmed you, noob. Your gadget belt is across the room, you're handcuffed eagle to a steel table. Dismemberment, disfigurement, disembowelment followed by death ... wait I have it! I'll disarm you ... again!"

"You're going to cut my arms off?"

"Yeah. Funny joke eh?"

"It's not a joke."

"Ha ... what?!"

"It's a pun, a comical juxtaposition of homonyms or word meanings. A joke sets up a premise which it concludes in a humorous or ironic fashion. You should know that."

"Ahhh shaddap! Imma saw your pie hooks off right now. Show you."

"With a hacksaw? It'll take you forever. Here, use the bone saw."

"Maybe I want to take f ... how did you get your hand ..."


The enemies kept on coming: Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face. Bruce was having troubles keeping up. It didn't help that he made every effort not to use lethal force and they all would certainly kill him given a chance. After a year of fighting crime alone Bruce was at the Haley Circus when tragedy struck. He watched as the Flying Graysons fell to their deaths. Their young son looked on with the same face Bruce was sure he wore more than a decade ago in Crime Alley.

Batman brought their murderer to justice. He had to do that at least for Dick Grayson. Then Bruce paid Dick a visit at the orphanage. Young Dick Grayson looked at him with haunted eyes and asked dully, "What happens now?"

Bruce had to swallow hard before he answered. "We ... go home."

"You're adopting him?" Alfred asked watching Dick work the heavy bag. "You're telling him everything? You're taking him out with you?"

"No one should feel the way I felt ... what I feel."

"And being the Batman has made you whole? You can honestly say that?"

"It's close enough. He can help me. Left in that orphanage he had no chance at being anything ... now he can be ..."

"A replacement in case you get killed? A boy decoy? A boy hostage?"

"When I'm done he'll be a boy wonder!"

There were more enemies. The league of Assassins was encountered. With them came Ra's al Ghul and his daughter Talia, who Bruce knew before under another name on very intimate terms. There were other people in Bruce's second line of work as well: Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash.

"Let's get one thing straight ... Mr. Wayne, I will be keeping an eye on you. Watch yourself."


"When you leadlined your cowl you should have leadlined your wallet ... where you keep your driver's license."

"Hunh. Your X-ray vision can read print? Amazing. Well let's understand each other Mr. Kent, if you're going to keep an eye on me, do it from Metropolis."

"I go where I pl ... how did you know I ... I'm not ..."

"Oh my God ... you're just a guy in a costume."

"So are you."

"I mean you can't -do- anything! I wield the most powerful weapon in the universe."

"This thing? Pretty. Green isn't my color though."

"Hey give that ..."


Aside from Robin, Bruce didn't play well with others usually. Bruce never expected to lose Robin the Boy Wonder. But Boy Wonders grow up.

"Hey it's only Hudson University. Just upstate."

"It's fine, Dick. It' not like this was a surprise."

"Well nothing surprises you! I've already packed ... I guess this is it."

"Right. So ... I'll see you."

"Riiiight. Goodbye Bruce. So long Alfred!"

"Are you all right Master Bruce?"

"I'm glad we left him strong and independent. It's good to see him attain some normalcy and know he has choices, he can walk away from this if he chooses."

"You can walk away from this too, Bruce."

"Maybe. Someday. Not anytime soon."

Batman needed a Robin. Helping Dick Grayson let Bruce lay a great many of his ghosts to rest. He met Jason Todd when the street hood was trying to steal the wheels off the Batmobile.

"You do know who I am, right?"

"Yeah ... you should know better than to leave your security system shut down in Crime Alley. Should I assume the position?"

"No. You hungry? Come on ..."

"You've overthrown alien overlords and dimensional tyrants ... but you won't rescue an Earth man on Earth?"

There was further alienation. Bruce quit the Justice League when they wouldn't help him invade Markovia to rescue Lucius Fox. The U.N. had banned such action. It seemed ridiculous to Bruce. How many alien dictators had they overthrown? How many dimensions had they invaded to save? But they could rescue one earth man on Earth. Bruce had walked with gods and goddesses and found them ... lacking. He formed the Outsiders to aid him.

Bruce led the Outsiders for a while. Then they seemed to outgrow him and move on. Everyone seemed to.

Batman let few people into his world. Generally these were people he trained. Then he could reasonably expect them to follow his instructions. That theory fell apart when it came to Robin II. He was far less restrained than Dick Grayson, far more impulsive and he had a streak of underlying rage Dick couldn't tame or channel. It eventually led to Jason seeking his real mother and journeying across the world. He found her and the Joker. Joker savagely beat the boy, left him to die in a room wired to explode. Bruce got there moments too late. The clown escaped. The boy was dead.

Then the Joker shot Barbara Gordon and paralyzed her. It strained Batman's will to the maximum, but he brought the clown down and brought him in, alive. Killing him would have been the Joker's greatest victory. It would have made Batman a sham, a phony. Bruce was not a phony, He was not a killer.

Tim Drake became the third Robin. He was the first Robin to deduce Batman and the first Robin's identity. After finding and helping Dick Grayson to save a mystery he begged him to help Batman. Bruce had fallen into a dark and dangerous state. Dick refused and went off to help Batman against Two Face. When the villain captured them both Tim showed up in a Robin uniform to save the day.

Tim received the most rigorous training of any Robin, first by Alfred, then Bruce and then the new Nightwing. Tim had more smarts than any Robin before him and as much guts. He seemed ready to stay a while.

There were others who came and went. Some stayed, Spoiler, Red Robin, Black Bat, Bat Woman. Again helping these people let Bruce lay some ghosts to rest. He even rejoined the New Justice League. More foes were constantly popping up but Bruce had refined his many tricks to an incredible level. He was finding the super criminals less of a challenge. Crime was being beaten back. He got a little complacent maybe and that led directly to Bane.

Bane was a monster, worse he was a monster with a plan. With Venom enhanced strength and mind he broke open Arkham Asylum pushed Batman to his limits and then broke him, literally. He snapped Bruce's back over his knee. Bruce was paralyzed and after recuperating left to look for a cure. Jean-Paul Valley took up the mantle of the Bat and defeated Bane.

Bruce eventually found a cure at great price. The woman he loved helped him but died. Bruce returned to confront Jean-Paul, now outfitted in a formidable suit of Bat-Armor and reclaim his cowl ad identity. It could only end one way. Bruce was back in!

"After all this to be buried under ... my ... giant ... penny!"

Gotham City was knocked out. The quake tore apart the bridges linking the city's islands. Its was ordered evacuated by the Federal government. Batman stayed behind, as did many citizens and a considerable number of his enemies. In this No Man's Land he waged a war to take back Gotham from the criminals yet again and prevent Lex Luthor from owning the whole rebuilt city. He had earned a small rest perhaps, even in his own mind but three events prevented that. The first was the arrival of the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth was confusing and surreal. To Bruce it was empty, unpopulated. Nevertheless he reconnoitered and returned with valuable information for his friends and the new heroes appearing.

The second was the arrival of Talia al Ghul with Bruce's son: Damian Wayne.

Okay sometimes even Batman can be surprised. A rescue was mounted with Bruce seeking the help of Carrie (Red Robin) Kelly, Cassandra Cain, and Richard Dragon. It succeeded to say the least. Bruce wasn't always sure who needed rescuing afterwards. Damian was a headstrong boy, getting it on both sides of the family with an extra helping of aristocrat from his grandfather. After some initial hard feelings Damian adopted the Batwing identity and Bruce fell into his role of trainer and father whole heartedly. He had enough practice runs.

"I could have been like you except for Alfred."

"A mere servant Father?"

"There is nothing mere about anything Alfred Pennyworth does. You poke him at your own peril."

"Please he's a butler ... what could he do?"

"Heh heh heh."

Damian is the most headstrong and violent assistant Batman has ever trained. Despite this raising him has brought a change in Bruce. In trying to teach Damian compassion Bruce has realized he might not be dealing with his trainees and allies in a truly efficient manner. Just because some call them human resources doesn't mean you get to strip mine them. He's now trying to move the training out of field work and combat and into the areas he reserved for himself, intelligence work, operations, logistics and undercover assignments. He has gotten taken out before. It's better if people have an idea how to run things in his absence. For that matter he isn't going to live forever. They need to know how to be their own Batman. There will always be a Batman.


Bruce Wayne1

The Batman's most ignored trait is that he is in his heart an optimist. He can and will make things better, by himself if necessary. You have to be a positive thinker to hang with gods and goddess and think a normal human can make a difference. In fact he has made a difference. Gotham has improved. The super criminals are curbed to some degree at least. He has recruited more people to his war on crime and inspired many despite working from the shadows. Persistence, hard work, and planning do pay off. Just try to include an ace or two up your sleeve, especially when dealing with gods and goddesses.

Another overlooked personality trait is compassion. While Batman is bruising his knuckles and kicking butt, his alter ego -Bruce Wayne's foundation is performing many charitable acts. Even if that bat never flew in his window Bruce would have dedicated his time and money to help the poor. He also realizes many criminals feel forced into their lives through lack of opportunity and education. In this case the Batman is the stick and the Wayne Foundation the carrot coaxing them into programs to help themselves find honest and gainful employment. Batman becomes the Wayne Foundation's eyes on the street, finding good causes for their money and attention.

Batman has many many negative emotions over the death of his parents. He became Batman to do something about them. Helping others and making the guilty face the consequences is the way he deals with them and stays sane. It doesn't always work. Sometimes he's surly or even angry at things he views as trifles that divert him from his mission. He adapts an aloof and commanding manner, taking charge because in his mind he can't afford to fail. Fortunately he is a good leader and usually the one with the plan. But sometimes his rage or depression threatens to overwhelm him. No one wants that. Least of all him.

Darkseid: Your friend doesn't give up! Superman: Not while he's still breathing.

Bruce's greatest weapon is debatable. His most reliable weapon is persistence. Batman doesn't give up. He doesn't quit. He may run away to regroup or take a breather to figure out what he did wrong. He may even let you think you won. You didn't. He will be back.


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