DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameClarice Ferguson
AffiliationXavier's Institute,
Exiles (Formerly)
  • Teleportation
  • Portal Formation
  • Teleporting Javelins

Clarice Ferguson is a pink-skinned elf-like mutant with purple facial markings who recently showed up - there's no real information or history on her ... as if she didn't even exist before a few weeks ago.

Blink is a newcomer to the X-Mansion and has great teleporting abilities. As a new, but much older student, very little is known about her or where she's from.


-Born in Cartusia, Bahamas as a pink skinned child to accepting parents.

-Her parents feared their daughter would not be accepted by the local population.

-At age 4, family moved to Miami, Florida in hopes to find a population where she could fit in.

-Apocalypse took over Miami shortly after and his Horseman, Mr. Sinister captured Clarice.

-Sinister's right-hand, the Dark Beast experimented on the young child, pushing her powers to higher levels.

-Clarice endured being traumatized by the villainous mutant jailer, Sugar Man.

-In a raid on the Dark Beast's labs, Sabretooth discovered young Clarice and rescues her.

-Longing for family, she bonded with her rescuer and the two become inseparable.

-Clarice grew up with the X-men in a very dark and dangerous world.

-Encountered the X-man Bishop and helped assist in preventing the death of Charles Xavier.

-Having destroyed the Age of Apocalypse reality, the M'Kraan Crystal mysteriously vaulted Clarice into the current universe.


Clarice is an intensely passionate young woman who knows when to make a stand and is not afraid to speak her mind. Having lost much of her childhood, she still retains a certain innocence and desire to connect to a familial figure. She is a driven, goal-oriented person. As a result, she is very determined and proactive against the forces of evil. She does not like to waste time and that applies to professional matters as well as personal. Her conversation is most often direct and to the point and expects others to do the same. She believes in honesty and interacts with others with a no nonsense attitude unless she has built a bond with that person, which is not easily given. There is nothing closer than family or friends and would easily lay down her life for them. Equally, she is willing to kill for them, if she is pushed to emotional extremes or if she feels the action is just. However, she draws a hard moral line in the difference between killing and murdering. She values life and will do what she can to protect it.


  • 2013-09-20 - Blink and Nod - After her arrival in this dimension, Jean Grey talks to Clarice about whether Clarice wants to stay at the Institute or not.