DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Captain America
NameSteve Roger
CodenameCaptain America
Nomad (formerly)
The Captain (formerly)
SpeciesAltered Human
Age94 (looks 25)
AffiliationAvengers, Avengers Academy, S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Quick Heal
  • Super Senses
  • Peak Human
  • Heightened Abilities

Captain America, Hero of World War II, known for inspiring many of the soldiers of the Allied Nations forward to victory. He was a finding member of the Invaders. His greatest partner was his side kick Bucky. He disappeared at the closing days of WWII and is seen as a legendary figure and hero beyond reproach. He was discovered in suspended animation by S.H.I.E.L.D. and revived in the 21st century. He served as a superhero until he lost faith in the United States and quit. He began fighting corruption as Nomad. Then returned to being Captain America after his replacement suffered a break down. He is currently a member of the Avengers.

Steve Rogers is a free lance artist from Brooklyn. He works free lance in graphic design, commissions, and occasionally in the comic book industry.


Steven Rogers, known to his friends and family as Steve, was born in 1920 to poor Irish immigrants, Joseph and Sarah Rogers. Joseph, an abusive man, died when Steve was very young. Sarah died of pneumonia when he was a teenager.

Steve was a young patriot and, disturbed by the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich in Germany, tried to enlist in the US Army. However, Steve was a sickly, scrawny young man and was rejected from the armed forces. His intense desire to serve his country attracted the attention of Dr. Abraham Erskine, and Steve was inducted into the Super Soldier program.

The procedure was agonizing, but Steve persevered and became a perfect athlete and soldier, his abilities topping the best most humans could manage. Unfortunately, Erskine was very secretive about his process and was assassinated shortly after the process was completed, though Steve stopped the assassin.

Steve was given the codename 'Captain America' and, along with his sidekick, Bucky Barnes, and allies, the Invaders, he helped the Allies to achieve victory in Europe. As the end of World War II approached, Cap and Bucky fought Baron Zemo. The pair were lost at sea.

About ten years ago Cap was found, miraculously alive, preserved in ice. He was thawed out and is still in the process of reacclimatizing himself to the modern world. He was more than a little surprised to realize that he was remembered as a hero by many people, despite being missing for more than 60 years.

Cap worked with SHIELD and Sharon Carter, and eventually started working alongside the Avengers as well. He helped to train Tony Stark in his persona as Iron Man, and befriended Sam Wilson, the Falcon. He learned as well that a surprising number of his enemies from World War II had survived to the present day -- he wound up fighting both the Red Skull and the son of Baron Zemo.

The Red Skull, in particular, became a thorn in Cap's side. When he gave up the mantle of Captain America, it was passed on to John Walker. The pair of them learned that the Red Skull had infiltrated the US government and was pressuring the two Captains to do immoral work in the name of the USA. Steve and Walker teamed up to defeat the Skull once more, after which Steve became Captain America once more, and Walker took the codename 'US Agent.'

Steve led the Avengers during the Merge and, along with a band of heroes, helped to defeat Kang the Conqueror and the Time Trapper. He was later shot by Sharon Carter, whose mind was being controlled by villains working with the Red Skull (who else?). He survived, thanks in large part to the quick action of Nick Fury, and was monitored and retrained by SHIELD. Now he's taken up the SHIELD again, and has spent the last several months assisting in attempts by downtrodden people in other nations to achieve liberty and justice.


Steve Rogers

Cap to the Rescue!

  • Honest - Steve Rogers does not lie, unless the truth will cause harm to others. He does not, for example, feel obligated to tell the whole truth to a villain who plans to hurt people if the truth would make it easier for that villain to commit whatever violent crime he has in mind. However, he will tell as much truth as he feels is safe.
  • Patriotic - Steve Rogers believes strongly that the United States can be the greatest nation in the world. He has served in the US military and believes in the principles to which the nation is committed. This does not mean he supports any and every action by the United States government. He feels it is his responsibility, and that of any citizen, to criticize the government for actions that are unethical or immoral. Further, while he fights for the USA as a whole under most any circumstances, he feels his true commitment is to the country's citizens.
  • Decent - At heart, Cap is a decent person. He was raised Catholic and does his best to follow the commandments and other guidelines laid down in the bible -- most particularly, 'do unto others'. This said, he does not judge others for having other beliefs; he feels that as long as a person acts with generosity, kindness and love, the way they come to those acts is unimportant. He is kind and generous himself, and is willing to help out wherever he's needed.
  • Leader - Captain America was a leader in the military, and has been a leader among heroes. People turn to him for strategy and tactics, and he's able to rally people to a cause even when things look bleak. He does not seek leadership on his own, but recognizes that when others are unable to lead the way, he must stand up and take charge.
  • Relic - Steve lost decades after World War II. He is still catching up with his lost time, learning everything that's happened while since he was frozen. As a result, sometimes his speech is a little archaic, and sometimes he doesn't get cultural references -- but he's trying to catch up.


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