DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameJonothon "Jono" Evan Starsmore
AffiliationX-Men, Empire State University,
Generation X (Formerly),
Xavier's Institute (Formerly)
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy

Jonothon Starsmore Jonothon Starsmore is a British mutant, and a student attending Empire State University. He is a mute mutant, and is studying music and humanities at university. He has a penchant for music and wearing black.

Chamber is a new recruit into the X-Men, Chamber is considered heavy support/bombardment.


Jonothon Evan Starsmore, dark-eyed handsome young boy, born to Lord and Lady Evan Starsmore. He was the promise of their family. Evan was a factor in politics and came from a long line of proper, industrious men, his ancestor being a Jack Starsmore. Jonothon had nothing but the best in his upbringing - he never had to ask for anything, never wanted for anything. That is until he was introduced to the life of the 'common' man. He didn't crave it because it was 'low,' but he craved the life because it was 'free.'

His youth quickly took a turn for the rebellious. He kept well in his sports, and was perhaps a little aggressive during his rebellious streaks. And he took to his musical studies, learning from various sources about different musical styles, and exploring them. He found inspiration in goth culture, American, Canadian, English and otherwise. Needless to say, he was not getting along well with his family when he took this black-colored turn in his life.

It was Gayle Edgarton, his girlfriend, that kept him mostly in line. She made sure he went to polo practice and stayed well-mannered, with promises of kisses and listening to his songs and poetry. Gayle, his first true love. They were inseperable, having grown up together. It made his parents all the more furious that he decided to try to make a career being a musical star, and for such a low-brow demographic as the goth subculture no less! They could have respected if he went to study music at university and play the violin in the London Symphony Orchestra, but this? This was terrible.

But that didn't stop him, or his dreams. However, something was about to. When Gayle and Jono were at a high-end gala event, the two youths snuck into a closet for a little bit of teenaged love, when Jono started to feel hot. Unusually hot. And then Gayle realized... he was smoking! Trying to open his shirt, freaking out, Jono couldn't contain himself, and exploded. He blew up the closet, the room, and a good section of the roof of the hotel went with it. And then everything went dark.

The next thing he knew he woke up, cold on a slab, with a tag attached to one of his toes. He sat up, surrounded by a strange, glowing energy... and he had nothing. He had lost everything. And he screamed a psychic scream, scaring the hell out of the coroner, and his parents who were already weeping nearby over the tragic loss of their son.

Everything was kept secret after that - powerful people with money can buy secrecy, and the medical examiner that studied Jono found that he was technically alive, even though by all rights, he should not be. He showed brain function, and his blood, wherever it came from, still flowed, and he was still warm. It wasn't long after that he got an invitation to by a Professor Charles Xavier to visit his Institute. It took weeks, but he finally accepted, and visited.

It has been some time now. Jono has been quietly attending the Xavier Institute for a while, and he is about to finish his junior year at the school. In this time, he has furthered his education and been a top-grade student. He has also joined the small off-shoot team of mutant superheroes called Generation X, and has given himself the moniker of Chamber. But he has also been an enigma, and will continue to be so. Many questions are left unanswered, and he has yet to master even half of his potential power...


Cultured: Raised in high class English society and given the finest of education, Jonothon is often proper, well-mannered and polite. That doesn't mean he's a stick in the mud, however! He's capable of having fun... sometimes.

Gloomy: Having been dealt a serious blow to his psyche, and favoring a goth culture and aesthetic in general, Jono tends to focus on the darker aspects of life. As such, in many ways, he's rather gloom and doom, though this doesn't necessarily mean pessimistic, save only when it involves himself.

Softie: Though he gives off a hard, rough exterior, exacerbated with a bitter and often harsh demeanor, Jonothin's heart is so big its pouring out of his chest and neck in bright psionic energy! Though he'll grumble and groan, he loves kids, and he can easily be brought to heel with big puppy eyes.

Dramatic: Being a former stage performer, Jono has a natural nack for behaving in a way that would seem to cause more pathos or drama. He secretly likes his little spotlight, and his mannerisms and behavior can often make a situation seem dramatic, or more dramatic than it should be.

British: This goes without saying, but Jono has an affinity for English sensibilities and snarky humor. Some like it, some don't, and those who don't can sod off.


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