DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameLily Reynolds
AffiliationXavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
  • Swimming (Shark-Like Body)

Retired Marvel OC | Character Existence Retracted

Lily Reynolds is almost completely unknown to anyone, though anyone who hangs out by the water might have caught a glimpse of her swimming.


Lily was born ... completely normal. The middle child of Chris and Margaret Reynolds, her brother Michael is five years older than she is, and her sister Sally is three years younger. Lily's life was utterly ordinary. She went to school. She made friends. She wasn't a genius or spectacularly good at any one thing, just your average, everyday kid. The most remarkable thing about her was the fact she was slow to hit puberty.

And then Lily's life took a sharp left turn into strangeville, and never came back. At fifteen, she began to notice ... things ... growing on her stomach. Things that grew larger, and gradually took on a pinkish color. And spread from her stomach to her chest, to her back, and from there to legs and arms, varying in color from palest pink to a dark almost black-red. She freaked more than a little, but managed to conceal it from everyone until summer, when her parents found out after she refused to wear shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt on a very hot day. Her parents went ballistic, and Lily packed a few things and ran.

She found herself drawn to the eastern seaboard, and the sea itself, discovering that the scales (which had, by then, covered her entire body) were more than cosmetic, and that whatever had happened to her was more than just the scales. She settled in a spot away from most of the traffic in the city, and has been sticking to the waterfront ever since.


  • Shy: Lily is very soft-spoken, and prone to being a wallflower. She is uncomfortable with anyone she doesn't know, and eager to escape attention however she can. This, though, is a relatively new development, begun when she manifested, and more for her safety's sake than out of a true reluctance to interact.
  • Adaptable: Not everyone can come to terms with a radical, visible mutation, but Lily has done so. She has also been able to adapt to life away from the security of home and family to a large degree.
  • Level-headed: Lily doesn't have much in the way of a temper. Nor is she the first to scream and flail when crises erupt. She can and does get angry and afraid, but it takes something remarkable to push her into losing her composure and ability to think clearly.