DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Scott Summers by shngy
NameScott Summers
AffiliationX-Men, Xavier's Institute
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Optic Blast
  • Plasma/Optic Blast Immunity
  • Spatial Awareness

Scott Summers is a teacher at Xavier's Institute for English and is also an Assistant Headmaster. He always wears strange red sunglasses, and on the surface appears emotionally distant.

Cyclops is the field leader of the X-Men, a mutant superhero group of questionable material to the public. They are guest speakers for Mutant and Human equality.


Scott Summers is the first born son of US Air Force Major Christopher Summers and his wife Katherine. Growing up in Alaska, Scott and his brother led relatively normal lives until returning from a family vacation, their plane went down. What Scott assumed was an accident turned out to be an attack by a ship from the extraterrestrial Sh'iar Empire. Before the plane hit the ground, Katherine Summers was able to strap her two children into the single parachute on board and push them to safety.

The two boys were found and while Scott remained in a coma for the next year, his brother was placed in foster care. Once he regained consciousness, Scott was placed in an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska where he remained until his teenage years. It was then he was taken into foster care by a man, who also turned out to be a mutant criminal. Shortly after being taken in, Scott began suffering from extreme headaches that culminated in another life-changing accident. One day during an especially intense headache, a massive optic blast shot out from Scott's eyes and hit a crane, causing it to drop its payload towards a group of bystanders below. Fortunately for them, Scott was able to realize what happened and he was able to cause a second blast to eviscerate the payload before it landed on anyone. Terrified of what he had done and being persued by a mob of angry people, Scott fled.

Scott's foster guardian, recognizing a unique opportunity, demanded Scott's help with his criminal enterprise. While he initially refused, Scott eventually gave in as his guardian began to physically abuse him. Little did Scott know, however, that his accident with the crane had drawn the attention of one Charles Xavier, who eventually tracked him down and rescued him.

Xavier took Scott to his Institute and mentored him. Teaching him to control his powers and to use them for the betterment of humankind and mutantkind alike, he also instilled upon Scott the philosophy that humans and mutants could live together in harmony if given the chance. Scott, having lived a hectic and sometimes tormented life, bought into the ideals entirely and joined with Xavier and eventually helped form the X-Men to uphold Xavier's philosophy.

As the first recruit to Xavier's school, and being the dedicated person that he is, Scott took the challenge of his position seriously and he devoted himself to it completely. The ideals that Charles held in high regard became his philosophy. He lived and breathed his role at the school and as the X-Men team was filled out, he became a natural leader.

Over the years the team grew very close and endured a vast number of missions together that ranged from going toe to toe with the Brotherhood as well as facing off against the army of Sentinels created and designed to both identify and eliminate those with the mutant gene.

Over the years he grew close to his teammate Jean Grey and their friendship eventually grew into something more. Though they've had a tumultuous relationship, Scott grew incredibly fond of her. When she was taken over by the Phoenix and eventually gave her life for the safety of the team, Scott left. Her death was too much to endure and he had no desire to remain at the Institute where everything reminded him of her.

During his time away from the X-Men, he met and fell in love with a woman named Madelyne Pryor who looked eerily imilar to Jean. They eventually wed and gave birth to a son named Nathaniel. Shortly after the birth of his son, however, he learned that Jean was indeed alive. In a moment of weakness, Scott left his wife and child behind to go find Jean. Once he was reunited with her, he formed X-Factor with some of the other original X-Men. It was later discovered that Madelyne was actually a clone of Jean whose purpose was to mate with Scott for the purpose of giving birth to an incredibly powerful mutant and for all intents and purposes that plot was a resounding success. Ultimately, Jean ended up killing her clone and his son was sent to the future after being infected with a techno-organic virus for which there was no cure in their current time.

Since then, Scott has returned to the Institute and has taken up his position as a teacher and a member of the X-Men where he remains to this day.



Scott takes everything seriously. He places a high value on many things due to losing nearly everything at an early age. His family and memories were gone and the only replacement occurred over a decade later when he became a student Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The school, its missions, and dream have become a prime motivating factor in his life.

Scott has a very clear definition of right and wrong. Despite seeing life in shades and hues, there is very little grey area in his understanding of the world. From early on in life, he has been subject to seemingly random, yet traumatic events. The only way to make sense of the seemingly random traumatic events in his life is to place them into clearly defined categories.

He's precise, tactical, and detail-oriented. He makes decisions after calculating and analyzing as many outcomes as possible. Consequently, he places a large amount of blame upon himself when events completely unfold outside of his expectations.

Scott has been deeply and emotionally wounded numerous times in his life. Some of these have been at his own unwitting hands. As a result, he has built a stoic wall to prevent himself and others from being hurt again. While Scott would lay down his life for any of his teammates, he has a hard time connecting well with and befriending others.


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