Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Terrorist Attack on Stark Industries
Author:OOC: Iron Man
Article:The same terrorists in green and yellow uniforms that attacked the New York Stock Exchange then attacked Stark Industries. Iron Man quickly appeared, ordering the evacuation of the area and fighting the three large machines that appeared like futurist fantasy Mechas along with men with guns. During the attack, She-Hulk and the man that appears like the historical Captain America appeared along with a demonic appearing blue individual. These individuals fought against the terrorists and defeated them.

The police where were restricting the area then responded a call to Iron Man to enter and make arrests. SWAT was on backup should they have been required to respond. One SWAT member commented, "We were throwing ideas around which way would have been most effective for one of us normal SWAT members to take down those large machines. I think the most popular was a grenade." Apparently our SWAT members have a sense of humor.

Surrounding damage was kept at a minimum. There is some minor road repair required and an Iron Man sized hole in one building will need patched. No civilians were injured and other than minor concussions the only wound suffered by the terrorists was a gunshot to the thigh which was self-inflicted.