Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Flying Cars
Author:OOC: Tony Stark
Article:The future is here now. Stark Industries has officially released that the flying car sighted outside of their building during the terrorist attack earlier this week was in fact a prototype of new technology.

<< A fuzzy picture of a flying car that looks like a Porsche 904 with two passengers, the one in the passenger seat looks suspiciously like Captain America. >>

Tony Stark took a few minutes of his time to allow us to glimpse his personal prototype. When asked when these would be available on the market, Stark just laughed, "When your average teenager is trained for a flying license and not just a driver's licensed." When asked about his lack of a flying license he jests, "They would have to pull me over first." Currently, the flying car is available for military purchase and special cases. When asked about these special cases, Stark suddenly became distracted by the time and rushed off.

<< A photo of Tony Stark leaning back against his flying car which is currently in parked mode. It looks like a Chrysler "Prowler" a dramatic red color with gold highlights, the door raised upward in the air on the passenger side for special effect. Of course, Stark is wearing a large grin and appears in a tailored suit. >>