DC: Infinite
Title:Power Boy Defeats Robot
Author:Cass de la Croix
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Tuesday, August 16, the newly opened bank in New Troy, Metropolis made a grand announcement. They had state-of-the-art security, and were actually housing some of the U.S. gold reserve in the city further protected by Superman.

To celebrate its grand opening, a large robot with automatic guns and a laser decided to pay a visit and demand the gold be presented, otherwise it would open fire. A brave security guard attempted to combat the robot, but the weaponry was too heavy to be effective.

When concern was rising inside the bank, a new hero that has recently made a slash across the world's sky known as Power Boy arrived. Power Boy resisted a blast from its bullets and laser gun, before mashing into it and removing important components so that it deactivated; the robot then hutched over in the middle of the street, to be hauled away by the everyday heroes of Metropolis.

Afterwards, Power Boy came into the bank to make sure everyone was fine, and sweep yours truly - the reporter in question - away for a private interview. On a roof top overlooking Metropolis, Power Boy shared a bit about his past, and what he loved about Earth. Power Boy explained he came from a place where there were beings of great powers called Gods, and that war destroyed their war. As a result, two worlds were created, one known as New Genesis, a world of supposed paradise, and one known as Apokolips which many know about as a warlike world ruled by Darkseid.

Power Boy was trained on Apokolips to be a warrior, but he was also born an Empath. When someone from Earth was taken to Apokolips, he experienced what it meant to have goodness, hope, compassion, and joy. He soon discovered that he wanted something better for himself than he had, and came to Earth, hoping to find it.

When the newfound hero was questioned on what he liked bested about Earth, he stated, "As for what I enjoy of Earth, there are many things. I like nature. I love the food and I like the people." Power Boy smiled and chuckled. "I like helping people. And as an Empath, [and] I like the fact that for all the anger and hate this world has it's nothing compared to Apokolips, [furthermore] it's also matched by hope, joy, and compassion. These weren't emotions that were ever allowed to exist on Apokolips."

The newborn hero has stepped out not only onto a new world, but an entirely new life. It has shown that the strength of one individual that was taken to Apokolips, has given hope and new perspective to Power Boy, just by being true to themselves. It shows by example, that a single action, can dramatically change the lives of others, and the world now has a new hero that wants to protect humanity.