DC: Infinite
Title:Supergirl is Measured
Author:Cass de la Croix
Article:< Sunday's paper, Front Page >

There are a number of people that have concerned themselves about the power of others, and how it is used, if they have a right to hide who they are to perform impossible deeds, and who can be held accountable for their actions. Fascinating enough, Supergirl gave an insight on the other side, without even meaning to when she came to the Daily Planet for an interview.

Supergirl is a young lady, and like every teenager is the type to say not quite 17, or almost 17. And the boys? Watch out Superman, because yes, she likes boys, and has even started dating! The thing is what is a girl with mega-superpowers worried about? Supergirl stated, "I think it's important what humans think of me. I know that my cousin [and I] have a lot of power, and I just want people to think well of me, to know I'm just wanting to be accepted by Earth. It's my new home, and I'd do anything for it." Talk about some big responsibility on her shoulders.

But what makes Earth so interesting for Supergirl? Apparently, aliens find Humans very fascinating. "There's a lot of things I love about Earth actually," Supergirl comments, "I guess the thing I like best is [that] humans are adventurous. It's easier for me [to be adventurous]. I'm invulnerable and strong, and all that. It's a lot more impressive for someone who isn't to take the same types of risks. Again, that's why I really want to be part of humanity. You're all incredible."

And what about such a young lady being a role model for other young lady's, with her short skirt, and super punch? The young lady confesses, "I'm not really sure how to be a role model. I like the clothes [I wear], but I'm not trying to be a fashion role model or anything. I just like how it looks."

But she is a role model to many, if she knows how or not. So what sort of advice does Supergirl have for the girls that look up to her, and she had this tidbit to share: "What should I be doing with my life? I've actually asked my friends and my cousin about just that, and I guess it's a good answer. They say I should try to just be myself. And I guess that's a good message for other girls too - you should be yourself. I know it's hard. I have trouble knowing who I really am, too."

And so Supergirl has stepped forward to be measured, and what does she appear to be? A teenager that lost years of her life in stasis, to find her little cousin so much older than her, a lady with amazing powers, and an acceptance of a heavy weight of responsibility on her shoulders. And a girl that has the confidence to create her own style, but the same self-doubt every other teenage girl has, or rather every teenager no matter gender. Who am I? What do I do? Where do I belong? To have one's own homeland destroyed, and to try and blend in to a new culture is far from an easy task, but it appears to be one Supergirl is more than willing to tackle. It's a lesson we can all learn, that no matter the self-doubts, do not give up. Or in Supergirl's words, "I really think it's more about just keeping on trying even when you don't know what you're doing, and hoping that if you don't give up you'll eventually find something that you really like." How about looking in the mirror and realizing: I may or may not have super powers, but I am one amazing person.