DC: Infinite
Title:New Young Heroine
Author:Cass de la Croix
Article:Today, I was saved. Everyone has a bad day here and there, and as I placed my head on the table, I said, "Someone save me." And I was saved, by a girl in a black and white uniform named Terra. Terra is not exactly from around here, and is a new hero. Her energetic appearance and enthusiasm to help others soon had me laughing and being thankful that I was alive this day. The girl loves cream cheese and strawberry pastries, and appears to live as if it is her first day of existence, like everything is new and precious. When asked what her goals are, the young lady said, "To protect the Earth and stop all evil!"

Terra is very green, conscious of the Earth's condition and in helping her, not just human beings. She is very much into equal rights as well, all races and creeds deserving respect. But the disrespect for the Earth has her concerned; especially over deforestation and oil drilling too deep. Still, she is currently solo and cannot be everywhere once, but as Terra said, "I do the best I can to be everywhere I can be!" You can see her heart clearly on her face.

Terra wished to share that everyone should be good to the Earth and respect her. "She sustains your life; why not show your appreciation for her? If people have more respect for the Earth, then they will have more respect for life, and one another," Terra shares. In the end, we have another young hero out there, which is all for girl power, and ready to experience life to the fullest, and show that Earth is more than just a rock to squat.

Log: 2011-11-25 - Save Me!