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Title:The Superheroine Dilemma - Three Opinions: Superheroines in Today's World
Author:Cass de la Croix
Article:<< The Daily Planet releases a three part and three perspective interview release of Wonder Woman and Supergirl. It follows on three consecutive days, all front page press releases. >>
Part 1: The Superheroine Dilemma - Three Opinions
Superheroines in Today's World
By: Cass de la Croix

The Daily Planet was honored with the visit of Wonder Woman and Supergirl for a special interview, especially following the much public backlash over the actions of Supergirl and the retirement of Superman and the rumored rise of younger Superman.

First, many have been concerned about the close timing of the actions of Supergirl and Kal-El's retirement, but Wonder Woman displayed strong support of both, stating, "I know Kal-El. I know that Supergirl's actions had nothing to do with his decision [to retire]," and further stated, "Supergirl is a heroine in her own right and is determining her own course, and how to best use her abilities."

Still, Supergirl is far from claiming full innocence even if she was poisoned by Kryptonite. She has strived to make amends and much more than that. Supergirl stated, "I'm hoping to start getting involved in more local community actions, like...the [Roller] Derby. And I've been doing some work with local soup kitchens and...I'm hoping to try to get involved in some more peaceful resolutions to local gang violence in San Francisco."

Is saying sorry enough though? The public has a right after a very public display on knowing what it was like for Supergirl. Supergirl agreed and shared, "I really don't want that to happen again - it's horrible to have your control taken away from you, especially where you become a danger to your friends and others around you that you're wanting to protect." Her expression appeared one of guilt and sorrow, a reminder that the harshest person on you can often be yourself.

After everything Supergirl has been through, and with what heroes and heroines has a whole must deal with, Wonder Woman was asked what the role they actually fill is. Heroes are a "public service of a sort," and "is also a great part of my duty here, to help out in Man's World. But it is,...part of my job, but not in the same way for a fire fighter, a police [officer] or a soldier. They all have my vast respect for doing their jobs, so necessary and always so dangerous. There is no higher public calling than serving and protecting your fellow humans, and in bettering them. Whether one protects or teaches; one nurtures or instructseach hero would define what they are and why they do it differently, but they are all heroes in their own way."

A hero is never truly out of the limelight however, and no matter how good someone is, there is always the risk of bad press. When both individuals were asked about bad press, one can certainly see the difference of a politically trained figure, and one that is fresh faced.

Wonder Woman stated, "Bad press is bad press. People are allowed to disagree and have different objectives. The First Amendment protects this in this wonderful country. I merely shrug my shoulders and move on, knowing that I cannot make everyone like me nor agree with what I am doing, and accept that they are allowed to view me negatively, and not let it get to me." Though there was this feeling that if one wanted to go for Wonder Woman's figurative throat, they should take Theodore Roosevelt's words to heart, "Speak softly and carry a big stick;" or in this case, a very big stick.

Supergirl on the other hand stated, "I guess bad press affects me like it would affect anyone - it hurts. I wasn't really a public figure on Krypton, and I sort of got thrown into the limelight when I came here. It's actually a lot to take in - I guess it's like being an unintentional celebrity. So when I get a lot of bad press it does make me wonder if there was anything I could do to have made a better decision. I'm still learning and I haven't really had much time to learn, but I'm trying."

Still, a seasoned hero with confidence, and a new hero with a desire to do well and succeed, both are required within the heroic community for it to continue to develop and grow. Not only that, just like in the battlefield of life, there are also the seasoned veterans that the fresh faced ones from training gravitate toward for advice and a helping hand. Superheroing is surely no different than being a teacher, a journalist, or even a police officer in this way.

Where does this leave Supergirl however? She is far from a clueless teenager, but the weight of responsibility is heavy on her shoulders. Even when she feels hurt and afraid, Supergirl still steps forward to continue her heroic activities, giving back to the people with community service, and even being put on the spot with interviews that closely examine her actions and motivations. "True courage is not the absence of fear -- but the willingness to proceed in spite of it."