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Purpose: The Daily Bugle is owned by J. Jonah Jameson and is much like a tabloid newspaper. Though quite popular in New York City, it is heavily opinionated and well-known for its anti-Spiderman viewpoints. Still, it's previous anti-superhero and negative perceptions on the super powered have tamed down over recent years, likely due to Robbie Robertson being Editor-in-Chief now.
Location: New York City
  • Daily Bugle founded in 1897 and begins publication for a penny an issue. Owner and Publisher Nathaniel Porter is a former Army Bugler and Civil War Veteran. The paper focuses on the spectacular stories, amazing inventions, sensational events, as well as friendly neighborhood gossip.
  • Nathaniel Porter dies and his son Daniel Porter takes over the Daily Bugle.
  • The Daily Bugle tries to hang on after the stock market crash but ends up being sold to David Goodman.
  • In 1936, The Goodman Building is built for the Daily Bugle at 39th Street and Second Avenue by David Goodman, the Bugle's new owner.
  • William Goodman takes over for his father as owner of the Daily Bugle. Takes a strong stance towards rooting out Communism wherever it may be, following the viewpoints of Joseph McCarthy.
  • Jack Jameson becomes Editor in Chief of the Daily Bugle. He re-directs the focus of the paper towards the Civil Rights movement.
  • Goodman Building is renamed The Daily Bugle building.
  • J. Jonah Jameson's wife Joan is murdered by masked assailants. JJJ begins his tirades against masked heroes and villains alike.
  • WTDB Radio, 570AM is established in a News Talk radio format.
  • website started featuring portions of the paper for free viewing on the web. Subscription service allows for complete viewing.
  • WJJJ TV station begins operation on channel 63-7. It shows a variety of old war movies, classic 1950's TV shows and News programs four times a day. Also an interview-format show called JJJ-Chat featuring none other than J. Jonah Jameson.
  • Fisk Industries attempts a hostile takeover of the money-strapped newspaper. J. Jonah Jameson appoints Robbie Robertson as the Editor-in-Chief so he can focus his attention on keeping control of his paper.
  • J. Jonah Jameson remains as the Publisher and Owner of the paper, though he's decided to leave Robertson as the Editor-in-Chief as Robertson's more moderate viewpoints seem to have raised subscriptions again. JJJ still submits articles and writes his own editorial column as well as his TV show on WJJJ.