Purpose: The Fantastic Four is a group of New York City based heroes that got their powers from cosmic radiation. They're based out of the Baxter Building in Manhatten and are all known to the public. They're well liked by the media and the people of the city in general as the first superhero team. They have good political relations with the government, and have close friendships and family ties to one another.
Location: New York City
  • Ben Grimm becomes a successful U.S. Airforce pilot and part of the NASA program.
  • The Fantastic Four defeat the Mole Man and become the modern era's first super heroes.
  • The Fantastic Four encounter their first Skrull on a space mission. They tell no one about the alien.
  • The Fantastic Four move into Baxter Building in New York City.
  • Johnny Storm discovers an amnesic Namor living homeless on the streets of New York City. The Fantastic Four restore his memory. Namor has a complicated relationship with the surface world.
  • Reed Richards invents a time machine; the team ends up in Ancient Egypt fighting Rama-Tut, who will be later known as Kang.
  • The Fantastic Four fight the Red Ghost on the Blue part of the moon and encounter the Watcher.
  • The Fantastic Four teams up with Nick Fury to fight the Hate Monger.
  • Spider-Man tries to join the Fantastic Four but gets turned down.
  • The Impossible Man runs amok in New York City and the Fantastic Four stops him.
  • Dr. Doom attacks again and involves fighting him in a microscopic reality.
  • The Skrulls capture the Fantastic Four and send impostors back in their place. The Avengers discover the replacement and fight the Skrulls.
  • The Fantastic Four discover the Negative Zone. They fight Blastaar.
  • Johnny Storm encounters an amnesic Inhuman Medusa. His warm personality doesn't make her an ally.
  • The Skrulls create the Super Skrull and unleash him on the Fantastic Four. They barely defeat the villain.
  • Medusa, Sandman, The Wizard, and Trapster band together and fight the Fantastic Four as the Frightful Four.
  • The Watcher can no longer protect Earth from Galactus. The Fantastic Four with the aid of the Silver Surfer defeat the world devourer with the Ultimate Nullifier.
  • The Fantastic Four encounter the Inhumans and reunite Medusa with her people.
  • Ronin the Accuser sends a Kree Sentry to destroy the Fantastic Four.
  • The Fantastic Four encounter Annihilus in the Negative Zone.