DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameJean-Phillipe, Charlie-7,
Charlie Cluster-7 (Formerly)
CodenameFantomex, Weapon XIII
SpeciesMutant/Sentinel Hybrid
AffiliationMother, Lady Fantomex,
X-Men & Xavier's Institute (Formerly)
X-Force (Formerly),
Weapon Plus (Formerly)
  • Nano-Blood
  • Physical Prowess
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Coordination
  • Enhanced Balance
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Healing Factor
  • Healing Trance
  • Misdirection
  • Illusions
  • Hypnosis
  • Dual Systems
  • Multiple Brains (Two)
  • Multiple Nervous Systems
  • E.V.A.
  • Secondary Nervous System
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Linked to Lady Fantomex

Jean-Phillipe is a French man with a taste for the expensive and classy. Of course, he also wants around with a white mask on the time, beyond eccentric! But his taste in suits? Very fine.

Fantomex is an up-and-coming thief that centers his activities in Europe. In only a month of known activity, he has rose in fame of obtaining what he wants and when he wants it, no security system or guard network seeming to stand in his way. He has since obtained a partner that goes by the codename Lady Fantomex.



Sentinels came into existence, and mutant kind trembled. At least that is what the humans like to think, and in a way, they are right in that belief.

Still, the research in improving Sentinel technology did not there. Prime Sentinels which were humans with nanotechnology introduced to them to brain wash and enhance them around mutant activity were created. They were tested secretly, but were deemed ineffective in the long-run.

The primary researcher for Prime Sentinels, Bastion, then suggested the Omega Prime Sentinels. Just as they were to be tested, Simon Trash appeared with a new technological virus.

At the creation of Bio-Sentinels, Bastion mysteriously disappeared with the documents of the identity of his Prime and Omega Prime Sentinels. He became wanted by the Weapon Plus project, but concentration centered on the new this new enhanced race of beings.


Though impregnation of one of them, The World began to really make progress in their research and believe they have found the solution they always wanted by using a combination of Trasks virus and the mutant X gene. With this, the program would not only turn mutant own kind against each other, but be able to use the false imagery of heroes to their advantage.

And thus, the Super-Sentinel Charlie Cluster-7 was born. He was not the only one of his kind, or the first as there was the Zona Cluster-6 (Huntsman). Still, with his human appearance and social skills, Charlie showed plenty promise as Weapon XIII in meeting the goals of Weapon Plus.


Weapon Plus decided to enhance his aging and education. When E.V.A. came from his mouth at puberty, his abilities began to increase he became even slyer with the development of misdirection powers. He took to knowledge like it was life giving water.

However, during transport in London while on the way to a new facility to prepare for the field, there was an accident. Zonas (Weapon XII) container was later retrieved, but Charlie's (Weapon XIII) was found empty. Since then, the man hunt began.



Charlie adopted the name Jean-Phillipe and the codename Fantomex. He took on a French demeanor and began to operate as a thief throughout Europe and the U.K. For a handful of months, Fantomex felt freedom for the first time, he felt what he believed true joy, and definitely made use of what technology he managed to recover at the accident to so-called good use.

All seemed well, until he got shot by agents of the Weapon Plus project when they found him. To make matters worse, he was then grabbed by shadows and dragged away. He felt almost as if he went into a cold sleep before his eyes opened again to a very confusing scene within what he would discover to be a Labyrinth.


Fantomex has a very complex personality, if only for the fact that he is willing to constantly change himself to surprise people. However, some things are the foundation of who he is.

Charlie Cluster-7 was isolated in his upbringing within The World, he grew up learning to trust no one and get attached to no one. Getting him to truly open up is like pulling teeth, and will often sway depending on the circumstances of the situation.

He has the ability to trust someone to perform a specific task due to ability or due to their personality to respond with a specific reaction, but developing the ability to trust someone 24/7 has not happened and may never happen. Between his self-isolation and distrustfulness, the fact he had managed to connect and attach himself to Alex Summers is beyond amazing. Though even with that, he still cannot remove his mask as a show of trust.

Partially due to his two brains, Fantomex can also be a very unpleasant person when annoyed or pissed off. He may show it with biting sarcasm as he often knows just how to push people’s buttons, or he could simply just cause them pain and suffering, or even death. The brain that holds his darker personality is what Jean-Phillipe refers to as Charlie. It is the brain that took to most of the programming and propaganda of The World, and especially excelled at the emotionally detached killing.

Jean-Phillipe on the other hand does actually have a great sense of humor. He can easily crack jokes, use sarcasm, or even just annoy people on purpose because he thinks it is funny. Part of his entire French persona other than preference, is because he discovered the accent can be annoying and distracting to others which provides him an edge (outside of France of course).

Fantomex is also freedom obsessed; he does not want to be caged again especially after experiencing what the world has to offer. He will fight tooth and nail with Weapon Plus to keep his freedom. It is also a matter of pride, which he has plenty of. He is also prideful about his reputation as a thief. Though he does not mind someone underestimating him as it can work in his advanced, it is merely a matter of pride to make them regret it.

Fantomex also enjoys being the center of attention when he is not making a point to remain hidden. He enjoys the good things in life that only money can buy; he loves flirting with beautiful women, and certainly enjoys a challenge. He’s curious about the world and is not afraid to ask questions when it will not put him at an obvious disadvantage, and he asks questions especially when it can put him in advantage by throwing people off.

Perhaps surprisingly, Jean-Phillipe does have a heart. He will do what needs to be done (while also mocking Wolverine's ‘I’m the best at what I do’), and will show no remorse. For the salvation of the world however he can make surprising decisions and take dramatic heroic actions that would surprise most everyone that has not seen him do such actions in the past. So he may give a hungry child a piece of bread, but that does not mean he would appreciate a teenager going all ‘my life is horrible’ break down on him. He has a cold grasp of reality that prevents him from being able to baby anyone, and thus making him seem as if he lacks patience or compassion at times.


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