DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameBeatriz Da Costa
AffiliationJustice League
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Fire Blast
  • Flame Form
  • Fire Control
  • Heat Control
  • Light Intensity Control
  • Flame Absorption
  • Flight
  • Heat and Flame Immunity

Beatriz Da Costa is a fashion designer out of Brazil with a not-so-secret alternate identity as a superheroine.

Fire is part of the crime fighting duo, Fire and Ice, and is also part of the Justice League. She tries to balance her normal life as a fasionista with her life as a Superhero as part of Fire and Ice and with the Justice League.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Beatriz grew up in a loving home and one that kept her mind open to many possibilities of the future. As she grew, she learned to be fluent in three languages and went to college in fashion design, and even became a model. During one trip to find some inspiration, she ran across a site of Brazilian mysticism. There, she gained the power of fire. Not just to use fire blasts, but to change into a fire form and fly. From there, she became an agent for Brazil, and eventually, met Ice. Ice became her best friend, and Bea became very protective of her. She even became part of the Justice League, along with Ice. Because she wouldn't do anything without Ice.


Bea is a fairly passionate spirit. She can be quick to lose her temper and is very protective of her friends. Bea is also very flirty and somewhat attention grabbing, whether she realizes it or not. She does like the attention but doesn't go out of her way to get it. And when she loses her temper, she can be fairly nasty.


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