DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Name Gwen Poole
Codename Gwenpool
Species Human
Age 18
Affiliation Solo
  • Knows
  • Fourth Wall
  • Plot Armor

Gwen Poole aka Gwenpool is a very strange inter-dimensional traveler that seems to believe she's in a comic.


Gwen came to this world. No explanation is going to be offered and no you can't ask how. The writers literally didn't bother explaining it so neither will I.

Once here, she saw that if you didn't have a special outfit you were an extra, so she went and bought one. Ronnie, the lady who does the super costumes that she dealt with, thought her name was Gwenpool so she made the costume to resemble Deadpool's. In pink, because Gwen has pink highlights in her hair. And Ronnie wanted to use up some excess pink fabric that wasn't selling.

That's it.


Bahahahahahaaaaa! *cough* Ah hahahahahaaaaa! Oh that's great, you almost had me there. ...wait, you actually want to know? Well damn. Okay. Well. Starting with a title.

THE UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL! (No, seriously, I'm unbelievable.)

Hi. I'm Gwen Poole. I'm assuming that someone out there is reading this, seeing as we're not in a comic. Mush format and all that, so gotta do it right. This is my personality section, which is a lot like a quizzie type thing so here you go.

I'm manic/depressive, shh, don't tell anyone. As in, manic moments I know that I can pull off literally anything and am on the top of the world! And depressive moments when I am dead certain that nothing can save me. It usually varies largely depending on how certain I am that I'm doing the story thing properly though, given that I know how comics work.

I am largely amoral. See, I know that this isn't real and if I happen to off some nameless punk it isn't really killing, so I mean...thugs? They can go into the fire and it doesn't make me lose any sleep. It's not real! I mean, sure, if I killed someone who had time to get a name that'd affect the storyline and all, but this is a MUSH, based on comic rules. Who cares about the background drawings? Not me!

Bit of a glory hound, but I mean, come on. It's literally how you stay alive in this stuff. Keep the readers wanting your comics, they spend money on the title, and you get written as the hero and can't die! So the more you're in the spotlight, the more likely you are to have Plot Armor.

Oh, comic characters are AWESOME! I have this crush on the main characters, I've read you all and you're so coooooool! This is such a great experience, I want to play with you all!

That's pretty much it for now. Might be more later, but no promises. I'm fairly shallow! TTFN!


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