Purpose: Formed during World War II, HYDRA is a criminal organization dedicated to achieving world domination through terrorists and subversive activities. They want to achieve a fascist new world order. Originally founded by Hitler and Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker and is heavily influenced by Nazism. To join, one must make a death-oath.
Location: Global
HYDRA History
  • HYDRA is rumored to be an ancient order that has existed since ancient times.
  • The modern version of HYDRA was created in the closing days of World War II by Hitler and Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker. HYDRA is to a combination of Nazi ideals joined with various ideals of death cults of South East Asia, including The Hand. The first Supreme HYDRA secretly answers to Von Strucker.
  • After the war, Strucker becomes the Supreme HYDRA.
  • During the following decades HYDRA becomes a global organization finding it way into various organized crime families, and terrorist organizations.
  • HYDRA works to destabilize the world economy and destroy government creditability. S.H.I.E.L.D. fights them secretly.
  • Madam Hydra preys on unrest in U.S. to try to recruit new members. Captain America and She-Hulk stops a HYDRA plot to destroy the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Silvermane, a New York City mobster, joins the organization and becomes a cyborg.
  • HYDRA tries to reacquire AIM and sparks a war between the organizations.
  • HYDRA splinters as different leaders fight over the remains of HYDRA.
  • Von Strucker reconciles HYDRA and creates a council of its most powerful leaders.
  • HYDRA begins to target wealthy Middle Eastern and Eastern European to be brought into the fold or robbed. They make an alliance with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  • Madam Hydra sets herself up as the head of the Madripool government.
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