DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameClinton Francis Barton
Goliath (Formerly)
AffiliationAvengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.,
Arrow Family,
Avengers Academy (Formerly)
  • Special Bow
  • Trick Arrows
  • Marksman

Hawkeye was a former Supercriminal who was given a second chance when he joined the Avengers and became a hero. But then he turned his back on the Avengers to join a group of other villains call the Thunderbolts who turned out to be the Masters of Evil. Once defeated, he and the other Masters of Evil were sent to Prison. He broke out with some other Supercriminals but then ended up returning them to prison. Then he and some of the other Thunderbolts were given a conditional Presidential Pardon absolving him of his past crimes.

Goliath was a new superhero and member of the Avengers. He could grow to giant size and perform amazing feats of strength. However, he is believed to have died during Heroes Crisis when most of the heroes disappeared from the world.

Hawkeye finally reappeared during Heroes Crisis when the supervillains were winning. He fought hard to protect New York City, and earned back much of the respect he lost when he got arrested with the rest of the Thunderbolts.


From a tiny rural home in Iowa, Clint Barton had some problems. His father was an alcoholic, beating his children daily. Both Clint and Barney Barton were not happy kids. When he was thirteen, Clint's father drove his car into a tree, ending the pain. Or so they thought.

Put into the foster parents program, Clint and Barney were adopted. The new family was even worse than their first one; their new father was not only an alcoholic, he tried to kill both children with his car! Chasing them down, the kids ran to the circus.

There, they found help. Jacque and Buck, members of the Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders, took them in and protected them from their adopted father. And the police, which should have raised red flags if Clint were old enough to realize it.

The two were safe. Protected, they had a family in the circus. They were also taught how to do things, such as pick pockets and break into houses to help the circus out, as they slowly learned how to become part of the acts. Clint's natural talent with the bow was spotted almost his first day and he was taught to absolute mastery.

Hawkeye, the trick shooter, was an act within a year. Hawkeye the thief took even less time, though he knew even then that there was a moral problem with stealing. However, there was a lot of moral greyness in his life then.

Over time, Clint saw heroes doing better with their skills. Iron Man was his personal inspiration, and after seeing him save the day he chose to take his stage costume and join the good guys. Which had next to no effect; he was almost immediately arrested.

Hawkeye Shout

Clint spent a lot of time trying to restore his image. He went to jail, both juvie and the adult kind. He was a member of many teams, from the Thunderbolts to Hydra depending on what was needed at the time. Baron Ne..I mean Baron Zemo at one point actually named him publically as a member of the Masters of Evil, he was that deep a cover agent. Really he was mostly just fumbling his way through even then, but as usual he was really convincing.

The reveal of the Thunderbolts to be a team of evil, the Masters of Evil? That was a surprise even to him. Arrested again, in jail, somehow Captain America proved himself to be the better man even in this. A pardon personally requested by Cap, led to Clint joining the Avengers.

But not quite yet. First he had a secret mission to perform.

Clint, known to be evil, was asked to infiltrate Hydra. Using his Hawkeye persona, which at that point was still known to be 'evil', Clint joined Hydra to find the superweapon that they were planning to use. A neurotoxin laboratory which would seed the clouds, infecting every human on earth to Hydra's mind control.

SHIELD got the weapon. Clint got his pardon. Then in the aftermath, the villain Songbird took Clint down with her sonic assault, leaving him permanently deafened. It was a difficult thing to accept, but that was also when the Avengers approached him. So he wasn't alone, no matter how much he felt he should be. He kept trying to do better, and Cap's example of how to be the better man stuck.

The merge? Barely even noticed. He spent the time mostly in jail, kicking himself for missing all the fun. Broke out to help, found he was too late to be part of the Maze, got arrested again. Really not the best showing.

Today? He's lost his Goliath persona, an ability to change size which was a thing while Hank Pym was active. Now? Now he's just a guy with a bow and arrow, a lot of really big friends, and a tendency to screw up his love life. On purpose? No, of course not. Nobody's that stupid.

Oh wait.


And then there's Kate.

It's difficult to describe how she changed Clint's life. Finding another person using the Hawkeye name? Not the strangest thing he'd seen that day. Finding that she was better than he was? Yeah, that was it.

The thing is, she's also a better person. Sure she was raised well, had all the bonuses. Sure, she threw off her bastard father all on her own, with her own willpower. Something Clint never managed to do, she's stronger than he is. More skilled with a bow, faster, smarter. That's the one that stings, she's smarter than he is.

Thing is, she's also there for him. How do you get upset about someone who's not only a friend, she's a friend who'll help you bury a body? That kind of friend. She's what he wishes he was at her age. So he teaches her what he can, helps her when she needs it, and absolutely does not stare at her butt.

Besides, she decided to let him keep the name. Somehow by making it sound like she was doing him a favour.

Well, maybe in time he'll grow up. But it isn't looking likely. You can expect him to keep trying to put out fires, mostly ones he's started by accident...and being the best Clint Barton he can be.


Clint barton

Borderline everything. That's the best way to describe Clint Barton; he's nearly everything. Not quite heroic, not quite suicidal. Almost the best, nearly the best friend you'll ever have.

It's hard to really pin it down. A lifetime of trauma has left Clint expecting pain, so he doesn't really relax unless things are going wrong. That's why he screws up everything in his life that seems to be going well. He sleeps around, but only with women who would be good for him if he let them. He drinks, but only when he's off duty and never lets it stop his work. He's a complete asshole, but his sense of humor is gentle and honest.

This is why people seem to like him. He does everything wrong, but he does it in the right ways. Phobic about responsibility, he still takes on the causes that are worth doing, and often takes them on so hard he has no time for himself.

His friends would call him 'complicated', but he's actually so simple it hurts. Clint Barton hates himself. At the same time, he loves people. If you approach him knowing that then you'll never go wrong, and he'll save you from everyone. Except himself: he has no idea how to fix that. But he'll keep trying, because the showman in him understands. The show must go on.


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