Purpose: The Hellions were a group of mutants that were formed by the notorious Emma Frost. She did not publicize it, but she was going around and finding what mutants she could to offer them a chance to join. The target groups were teenage mutants she could easily control or that had nowhere else to go. Emma's goal with this band of mutants was to start the front against the war that she believes was coming between mutants and humans and keep her own personal soldiers for use against her enemies. The Hellions were not to be aggressive toward humans but to instead be aggressive toward those who would attempt to go against mutant kind even if they be other mutants. This did not entail murder or the like, more often than not the goal was to inhibit more permanently. Destruction of technologies designed to hinder mutant abilities, theft of weapons that might mimic powers or make certain powers useless against targets, data and information on locations.

After a while, the Hellions were Emma's personal project and despite her icy exterior, she cared for them. Though the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle had an interest in those who may join, they knew little of any of the members. Everyone within the group was expected to push their mutant abilities to higher and higher expressions, gaining power and new ways of using their abilities, and was never expected to hide themselves away as 'normal' humans.

Location: Snow Valley, Massachusetts
  • They later died while on a mission, also causing Emma's school to have to be destroyed.