DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Title:The Last Straw: YouTube: Mutie Argument
Author:OOC: Reno
Article:Jake grabs Kensington Young's arm to lead her out of what looks like a coffee shop. For those that recognize it, it is the Coffee Bean in North Salem. Jake has a backpack in one hand, a jacket on, and wears fingerless gloves. He looks like he needs a shave, but otherwise appears to be a typical 'attractive college guy' if one doesn't notice the shadows of scars on his face and neck that aren't real clear in the video. Kensington Young is not the image of what she was before during the trial, she has a corset on, a short lace skirt, fishnets, and a fresh tattoo on her shoulder along with a lip piercing.

Kenzie says, "You're HURTING me!" Her voice almost a squeak, but still mostly picked up by the cell phone video. "You hate EVERYTHING about who ahh am except for who aah was!" Those words are spat out. "Jacob, you're in love with the girl ah was, and she shakes her head, shaking the gauntlets and goggles she pulled out from her bag earlier. "You hate who ahh've become. Convinced ahhm bein' coerced, made into some kahhnd of soldier. THIS is who ahh am now. Firefly, Member of Generation X. Mutant. Hero." She sounds upset.

Jake also sounds upset, and looks red in the face from embarrassment and who knows what all emotions. "Then go be with them! Obviously, changing how you look, changing your very flesh is more important than a future with me. Beating people up with what should be a gift from God is more important than doing something important, like working toward Mutant rights, or finding a career where your gifts can be useful for, or even helping other kids that have suffered on the streets get off the streets and in better environments. The options are countless! And none of them include violence, instead carrying on Jesus' message of love and forgiveness. /Forgive me/," emphasis on the last two words.

Jake then goes hurrying out of the coffee shop, and Kenzie goes to follow him, "Forgive you for what?! You ain't done nothin'!" There rest is lost with the closing of the door as the cell phone follows, but in the end, Kenzie stops chasing, alone outside.

Description: This was taken at a local coffee shop, where the girl on trial as a mutant terrorist that recently got off is saying she's a hero and having an argument apparently with her boyfriend. If you notice, I put little circles as the video plays to show where you can see a fresh tattoo on her shoulder and look at that lip pericing.

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AngelisFine Isn't Generation X that new superhero team in training that works with the X-Men, kinda like Avengers Academy is with Avengers though we dont really see them in the news like Generation X. There was that news clip saying they shot and killed some people at a Mutants Right rally but all the airings of it went away. I bet it was just a lie anyway.

BeefBrains Hahahaha, she is dressed up like she is trying to be sexy at some anime convention. And the guy she is with is so bible belt. That relationship is doomed to epic FAIL.

MutantsEvil It just goes to show, that a mutie performs an act of terrorism, and then declares themselves a hero! They should have totally fired the B^#!

FaithfulOne God's gift? Is this guy a moron? Why would God give people these crazy powers that kill people? I cant believe that.

X-MenRCool I think its cool that shes trying to be a hero and everything. But why are superheroines dressed so bad! Where is Wasp?! She needs to start designing these kids uniforms, seriously!

FoHRocks Right, superpowers and gloves make you awesome, no way! Muties suck, and this goes to show it. As if shes a hero. That guy was right to walk out on her.

(Comments continue from commenting on the tattoo to lip piercing to clothing to the argument and mutants and Generation X. Some are insightful, and some are just ugly and nasty, and others are just stupid and dont make sense, typical for YouTube.)