DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Iron Man3
NameAnthony "Tony" Edward Stark
CodenameIron Man
SpeciesAltered Human
AffiliationStark Enterprises,
Hellfire Club, Avengers,
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Secretly),
Avengers Academy (Formerly)

Twitter: @TonyStark_CA

Tony Stark inherited Stark Industries from his father at the age of 21, and is said to be an engineering genius to the point that he obtained global awards. He is infamous for his partying and womanizing. He has suffered hard as a result as well, having a heart attack as a young age and being shot in the back and almost crippled by his now ex-Kathy Dare. After losing everything when Obadiah Stane took over Stark International, he had rebuilt from the ashes a new company, Circuits Maximus. But it was blown up by Iron Monger who died after the attack.

Stark then built Stark Enterprises, soon returning to New York City after buying back Stane International. The company is once again away from military production, but since has gained Pepper Potts as CEO after the assassination of the man's girlfriend Sawyer Mason. Though about a year later, she's apparently back to life with rumors of brainwashing; awesome, right?

Iron Man has had an almost as chaotic life as his employer. Though Stark has finally came out of the suit as they say (or something) that he is Iron Man, he has clearly stated he has not been the only one to wear the suit. There have been reported at times two Iron Men, and Iron Man was also active in New York while Tony was off in California. In either case, he is not only a founding Avenger, but is also the Avengers Chairman for almost the entire time the Avengers existed until he fully resigned from the Avengers entirely. There are quite a number of toys designed after him, and let us not forget the bed sheets, lunchboxes, baseball caps, and more. He is often seen as a symbol of Stark's company and a commitment for a better tomorrow.


"Here you have this character, who on the outside is invulnerable, I mean, just can’t be touched, but inside is this wounded figure. Stan made it very much an in-your-face wound, you know, his heart was broke, literally broken."

Quote by: Iron Man writer Gerry Conway

Suits That Fly (JT RDJ MashUp)

Suits That Fly (JT RDJ MashUp)

Themesong: JT/RDJ MashUp - "Suits That Fly"

  • Born on Long Island, New York, to Howard and Maria Stark. He will be their only child. Showing an exceptional intelligence, Tony build and programs his first computer at age 6. At age 15, Tony enrolls at MIT. He graduates 3 years later with degrees in physics and electrical engineering
  • After the death of his parents in a car crash, Tony inherits full ownership and control of Stark International. Tony switches the focus of the company from traditional military wares to high-tech weapons and vehicles.
  • While in the field testing a new weapon in Afghanistan, Tony's squad of US Marines are ambushed by insurgents and killed. Tony is severely wounded by an explosion with shrapnel lodged in his chest. Tony is taken captive and brought to a hidden camp. He is informed by the terrorist leader that he is to build a weapon for the insurgency.
  • At the camp, Tony meets Dr. Yin Sen, a brilliant physicist also captured by the terrorists. Together, they create a chestplate with a powerful electromagnet that will keep the shrapnel in Tony's chest from piercing his heart.
  • Using the chestpiece as a foundation, Tony and Yin Sen construct a suit of armor for Tony to use in an escape attempt. Yin Sen is killed while the suit is powering up, and Tony destroys the camp singlehandedly. He is rescued by US Army helicopter pilot James Rhodes, who was part of the search and rescue effort seeking Stark.
Orgazmo Themesong - Now You're A Man

Orgazmo Themesong - Now You're A Man

Orgazmo Themesong: "Now You're A Man"

  • Returning to the US, Tony refines the armor, at first thinking of selling it commercially, but later deciding to use it to fight crime and industrial espionage as Iron Man. A cover story is concocted where Iron Man is Tony Stark's personal bodyguard.
  • Teaming up with other heroes, Tony forms the Avengers and finances the group. Stark Mansion is donated to serve as the group's headquarters. Over the next several years, Tony becomes on of the premiere heroes of Earth, continuing to refine and improve the Iron Man armor. Eventually, Tony's damaged heart is replaced with an artificial one, removing the need for the Iron Man chestplate to keep him alive.
  • The stresses of being a hero and a major industrialist lead Tony into alcoholism. Denying the problem, Tony's drinking eventually cause enough mismanagement in Stark International that it's brought out in a hostile takeover by Obadiah Stane, who renames the company Stane International. While Tony gets help, James Rhodes steps in as Iron Man.
  • After going sober, Tony begins inventing again, establishing himself out on the West Coast. He creates a new Iron Man armor to stop Rhodes, who has become unbalanced due to his armor not being properly calibrated to his brain waves. Stark would later confront an insane Obidiah Stane, who had used Tony's technology to create an enormous suit of armor called the Iron Monger. Defeated, Stane commits suicide rather than face justice.
  • Tony's West Coast operations becomes Stark Enterprises. Soon, Tony has reclaimed all of what Obidiah Stane had stolen. Re-invigorated from a business standpoint, Tony begins an aggressive reorganisation of SE, opening up new divisions in clean energy and cutting edge consumer electronics, especially the nacient social media movement.
  • After returning to his Malibu home from a confrontation with The Mandarin, Tony is shot and critically wounded by Kathy Dare, a mentally unbalanced heiress Tony once dated. Tony survives, but is left paralyzed from the waist down. A biotech chip is eventually installed to repair Tony's damaged spine, but the experience left him with an appreciation for the trials that the physically handicapped must deal with on a day to day basis. Tony opens up a new branch of Stark Enterprises dedicated to prosthetic and cybernetics research.
  • The bio-chip begins to fail, requiring Tony to use a telepresence suit to control his armor over a distance. Tony is contacted by Dr. Maya Hansen, regarding a nano-tech weapon called Extremis. The remote controlled Iron Man armor is destroyed by an Extremis-enhanced terrorist. Injured in the attack, Tony injects himself with the Extremis virus, allowing him to remotely control the Iron Man armor with hightly increased response time and save Washington DC. Afterwards, Maya realized Tony had modified the Extremis virus prior to injecting it. Tony creates a new Iron Man armor system to work with the Extremis system.
  • When the Laybrinth summoned Iron Man, he was in Wonderland before being primarily trapped in the City of the Dead. When he returned, he realized that someone has posed as him with Jarvis' support.
  • Tony continues modifying the Iron Man system, developing the Model 40 system; his most powerful suit yet. He continues serving in the Avengers, until his friend Captain America is killed. Tony deals with the legacy of Steve Rogers, setting his affairs in order and ensuring that James Barnes becomes the new Captain America. Once this is done, Tony disappears from the public eye at Stark Expo, hiding away to try and make sense of how dramatically his life, and the world have changed. After several months in seclusion, Tony is ready to once again join the world, to help lead it towards the future as Tony Stark, and protect that future as Iron Man.
  • When Darkseid came to Earth, he destroyed the Avenger Mansion once again, however, unknown to most due to Darkseid's technology interfering with the nanos in his system his body developed an aversion to the Extremis Serum, placing him in a coma for several months while his system recovered. Losing the technopathy abilities, and the super soldier abilities has forced him to come to grips with his own mortality. Having to once again don his arc reactor heart, he now has to pilot his armor the old fashoined way, even though he can still control it via remote when he needs to. His goal now is to put the Avengers back together, and once again protect the planet as Iron Man.



Arrogant: Tony's smart, wealthy, good looking, and he's not the kind of guy that makes people forget it. He's not cruel about it, more like 'it's hard to be humble when you're me'. He lives in several 'shark tanks', such as the tech industry and high society, and he's become very adept at using his attitude to show that he's not someone to be messed with. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes a many confrontations as it prevents.

Charming: Tony's charisma is probably the only aspect of himself that approaches his intellect. He's a consummate ladies man, dropping compliments and innuendo with equal measure ("I know this place that serves he best Alaskan King Crab." "What's it called?" "Nome, Alaska. We can be there in 3 hours on my jet."). He's also brings his charm into business dealings and being 'one of the guys'. The fact is that Tony just seems to ease his way into any social situation and make you feel like he's youre best friend from college. Unless you've crossed him; then that keen intellect and rapier wit gets devoted to deflating your balloon in the most humiliating way possible for you.

Inquisitive: Tony is a pioneer, always pushing the boundaries of technology, As soon as he finishes one project, he starts looking at ways to make it better or more efficient. There's no problem that technology can't solve, and Tony is always asking 'why can't we do this?'. Sometimes this makes him too focused, like when he's encountering new or alien tech and he spends a few days straight analyzing it.


Hard at work.

Altruistic: From an early age, Maria Stark instilled in her son a sense that 'to whom much is given, much is asked'. Tony knows how lucky and fortunate he is, and he tries hard to constantly make the world a better, safer place. Whether it's through direct action as Iron Man, or funding numerous charities and philanthropic organizations, Tony puts a sizable amount of his time and money in the service of others. Sometimes, his resources cloud his judgement as to the best way to help others. Tony's usual MO for a worthy charity that he's not personally involved in is to cut a large check, not questioning if throwing money at the problem is the best solution.

Responsible: Tony has a lot more responsibility than the average hero, and it shows. He's invented technology that can turn a single man into a 1 man army; technology that has to be kept out of the wrong hands. He has thousands of employees world-wide; people he takes care of through generous pay and benefits packages, staying aware of his business in order to keep those people employed, and trying to maintain a secret identity so that they don't become targets from villains. He's acutely aware of how much both Tony Stark and Iron Man are in the public eye, and how actions from either can have huge consequences for a lot of people.


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