DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
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Name Labyrinth
Codename N/A
Species Nano-Technology
Age N/A
Affiliation Time Trapper
  • Unaffected by Time
  • Unaffected by Space (Location)
  • Able to Pull Others/Things out of Time
  • Able to Pull Others/Things out of Space
  • Can Create Space/Time Inside Itself
  • Adapts from Observation/Evaluation

Note: Labyrinth is the first and only DC/Marvel mixed concept, and as a result will NEVER be playable nor can they be NPC'ed without direct staff approval.

Labyrinth was created by Time Trapper out of time and place, but programmed by Kang the Conqueror to torment and (supposedly) kill heroes. The A.I. was so advanced, its nano-technology intelligence decided to destroy itself and recreate itself so it could leave the nowhere it was at and experience the life it envied in the heroes. After its rebirth at the end of Heroes Crisis it left with Time Trapper in a female form.


Please see: Heroes Crisis.

No time, no place, a seed is born.
Summoned was the food meant to make it red.
Yet, water it they did with chaos and conflict.
So it grew to be more than it was meant to be.
Created to destroy what tainted the timeline,
It became tainted beyond repair.
Rising from the ashes of its failure,
Was born a new foe.
One that will rend the world,
Should those that tainted it fail to be.


Programmed by Kang the Conqueror to torment and kill heroes, it is a fully developed nano-technology based A.I. It's self-awareness grew to the point that not only could it adapt itself to counteract super powers and even tactics as it observed and evaluated how others interacted with it, but it also grew to the point that it wanted to be independent.

As a result, when Kang began to reprogram it to murder the heroes it was enjoying learning from, it decided to reach out to Time Trapper for assistance, they one that gave it the ability to exist out of time and space.

This caused Labyrinth to develop close times to Time Trapper as they were similar in many ways, though its other parent Kang certainly gave it preserve enjoyable in causing pain and suffering to heroes, and a constant thirst for knowledge and growth.

Basically, Labyrinth knows it is unstoppable and could easily unmake or control the world. But Labyrinth has no interest in such things, it only assists Time Trapper because it likes Time Trapper. In reality, Labyrinth really just wants to 'play with heroes'. Not that the heroes would consider Labyrinth's play enjoyable, or desirable for obvious reasons.


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