DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameLian Harper
CodenameRed Arrow
  • Cuteness Factor
  • Beginner Archer

Lian Harper is the daughter to Roy Harper, a single father. She is young, and appears to be a happy child.


  • Lian was born to the assassin Cheshire a.k.a. Jade Nguyen. Her name means Graceful Willow.
  • For the first few years of her life she was raised by her mother.
  • Lian was given over to Nightwing to go to Roy, when her mother believed she endangered her own child.
  • Roy took to fatherhood, and welcomed little Lian into his life.
  • Ollie has taken Lian under wing as well and tutors her in archery.
  • Lian's favorite toy is daddy's empty guns.
  • Rose Wilson becomes Lian's nanny.


  • Cute: What four year old isn't cute? Well, Lian has double that factor.
  • Spoiled: Lian is loved by all, and though she doesn't normally act very spoiled, her unusual lifestyle has her sometimes make unusual demands.
  • Sweet: No matter what how spoiled Lian is, she always thinks of other people. Especially her daddy.
  • Guilt: Lian feels bad over the fact that her mother is Cheshire and kills people for a living.
  • Loving: Lian is very loving and accepting of people.
  • Strong: Lian is very emotionally strong. She had been kidnapped, and had no major ill effects. She feels loved and protected, and if taken away she may get scared, but she always believes daddy will come for her.
  • Spunky: Lian is very spunky, it is an understatement. She will sigh and look all said as she comments about, "Daddy, you got all beat up again!" She will ask her Great (many times) Uncle, what's so Great about him. She will call something 'Stupid' if it doesn't work the way she wants it as well. She has a shocking sense of adult humor in some ways, even a bit of sarcasm. She will definitely say, "Uh-huh. You just want me to go to bed early so you can go out and superhero without me daddy." Because of this, Lian can be even more enduring because she is so very 'real'.


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