DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameDick Grayson
CodenameNightwing, Robin (Formerly)
AffiliationBat Family, Titans
  • Acrobatics
  • Martial Arts

Dick Grayson is known primarily as an innocent person marred by tragedy. Taken in by a hedonist, a womanizer, and a drunk playboy hasn't helped him grow into much. His bosses note that he doesn't give one-hundred percent and is capable of so much more. He is a police officer working for the county of Haven.

Nightwing is known as the trusted hero of Bludhaven, a man who fights criminals, gangs, and the mob at every opportunity. He is also known in other cities and to the superhero community at large. He is a respected leader of the Titans, and an ally to many.


Most heroes have a life that starts out fairly normal. Dick Grayson, better known to most of the world as Night wing never had that. He was born to a family of circus performers, acrobats to be precise known as the Flying Graysons, so from a very young age he was trained to one day take over the family business. He was well on his way towards this goal even performing sometimes when his parents were murdered by Boss Zucco, one of Gotham's crime lords. This occurrence forever changes the life of Dick Grayson. He was taken in by the millionaire Bruce Wayne who unknown to the rest of the world was also Batman, after a brief amount of training Dick debuted as Robin and helped take down Zucco.

His performance during this very personal mission proved to Batman that he would be a worthy partner so Bruce trained the fledgling Robin with greater intensity and before long the duo was able to work in unison and became an extremely formidable crime fighting team. They worked together for about a decade and during this time Dick met most of the heroes that were active in crime fighting at the time as well as founding the original incarnation of the Teen Titans with Aqualad and Kid Flash. Soon the trio were joined my Speedy and Wonder Girl and then many other heroes. Like most teens and parents Bruce and Dick had some turbulent times and their crime fighting careers compounded this. These tensions came to a head during a case involving the Joker and the partnership was sundered.

Dick had every intention of leaving the life of a hero behind at least for long enough to get through college but alas it was not meant to be, instead the Titans were all captured by Deathstroke working for one of their old enemies the enigmatic organization known as the HIVE. This even caused him to return to a costumed lifestyle only this time he assumed a new identity one of his own that still paid tribute to his mentor, that of Nightwing. As Nightwing he remained an active member of the Titans and after some time had passed he reconciled with his teacher and father, Dick had been legally adopted, Bruce Wayne. His heroic life was filled with many ups and towns, though a high point has to be when Bruce was recovering from his injuries at the hands of Bane and the later clash with Azrael, that Dick for a brief period of time assumed the identity of Batman. After this he struck out on his own again this time claiming Bludhaven as his city much like Gotham is Bruce's. Dick soon even gets his own arch enemy, Blockbuster, ruler of Bludhaven's underworld. To better combat Blockbuster and the corruption that permeated Bludhaven, Dick became a police officer so by day and night he fought for the safety of Bludhaven and its people. He also maintained an active role in the Titans during all these events.

During the event known as Heroes Crisis, he found himself in the City of the Dead alongside a number of other hero including Wonder Woman and Captain America as one might expect given the name of the place they fought undead creatures. Since the merger of the worlds, Dick has maintains his status as an active superhero. He works extensively with both the Bat-Family and the Titans and maintains his double crime fighting duty in Bludhaven. After a brief stint as the Redhood he has returned to being Nightwing . While the last couple of months he has not been in costume much due to budgetary issues the Bludhaven PD has been having to pull double shifts but this has been resolved so now that is has the time again Dick Grayson is once again going to take to the night streets ready to remind all who seek to do evil that Nightwing is out there.


At times is almost seems like Dick Grayson has two personalities. Most of the time, especially when he is out of costume, he has an up-beat bright generally good disposition despite the tragedy he has seen in his lifetime; but there are times when he seems to channel his mentor and he becomes dark and brooding.

He tends to get along well with others and works well in team situations, having been trained since a young age he mixes seriousness with light hearted banter especially when he is among the Titans.

When he is active with the Bat-Family or solo in Bludhaven or Gotham he is a darker person more in keeping with the mood of the two cities. It is these moment s that the influence Batman has had on him is really noticeable while not as gruff as Bruce he is very demanding of those you carry the mantle of the Bat, at least until he has developed a trust for them.

To civilians both in or out of costume he is outgoing and helpful, not relaying on his mentor's brand of intimidation except in the cases of hardened criminals. He tends to look at people in the most positive of lights even though this has let him to be betrayed by them on a few occasions.


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