DC: Infinite
Title:Meth Lab Explosion
Author:OOC: Arsenal
Article:Down by docks in the week hours of Wednesday, November 23, Arsenal of the Titans called in a Meth Lab explosion. Police attended the event and were greated by Arsenal and Starfire. It was reported that they arrived to investigate and close down a Meth Lab belonging to a local gang. Within the lab was a LMG Light Machine Gun on a pivoting Bipod which broken chemical containers which set off the explosion. Meth Labs are notoriously explosives.

The workers had escaped, and seven gang members were arrested, four of which had burns from the explosion. One gang member died, as yet unidentified. One gang member mentioned another hero being there, by the name of Shenlong, however the Titans have declined there being a member by that name and have made no further comment.

Log: 2011-11-22 - Bullets and Bombsticks: Ratta Tat Tat