DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameJennifer Walters
SpeciesAltered Human
Avengers Academy (Formerly)
  • Gamma Transformation
  • Invulnerability
  • Strength
  • Leaping
  • Super Healing

Jennifer Walters has not been seen in about two years. Since, in fact, the Avengers were disbanded. Prior to her disappearance, she did a stint in the DA's office in New York. Though She-Hulk has replaced her in the courts as a low paid Public Defender. It almost makes you feel bad for those cheap criminals.

She-Hulk was once and now present Avenger. Notorious for her outrageous personality and sometimes dangerously close to beyond the pale behavior. Models as a hobby and for charity.

OOC: Note that it is publicly known that She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, but her 'normal' identity has not been seen in a while.


Jennifer Walters was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father was sheriff and a 'straight shooter' and someone who took 'law and order' seriously. For him, obeying the rules and being fair - and making other people do the same was instilled in her from a young age. He was also strongly supportive of his daughter no matter what. Jennifer in turn had a healthy childhood and a loving family - in contrast to her cousin David Bruce Banner.

Visiting her cousin often as a child, Jennifer was close with her cousin even if the two would end up being rather emotionally distant as they grew older and interacted less. While Bruce was a genius, Jennifer was not. What she had was a work ethic and a family that backed her so long as she tried hard.

For her, growing up her passion was dancing. Ballet. Just using it as a way to press all the disharmony and confusion in life away. She could perform and love it. But off the stage? She was a wallflower. Eternally shy and had a hard time making friends. She just got nervous when she was around people and preferred solitude. She had a relatively normal childhood and adolescence, growing up wanting to be a dancer. Her father was unsure of it, her mother was supportive. She had her entire life ahead of her.

But life had a way of showing up at times and reminding you that it was present and would not let one deny that it was ahead. With trials and turbulations. A major school play and dance recital was going on that Jennifer was putting her heart into. It was her dream, her passion, and.. It went splendidly. But while she was performing, something gnawed at the back of her head. Where was her mother? Why was she not there? She had promised.

After her performance, still on an emotional high a teacher ran up to her and took her to the hospital. Her mother had been in an accident while rushing to get to see her perform. Her mother died the same night. Jennifer's passion was crushed. She never danced again. Her passion was gone as was her means of expressing herself.

Jennifer would bury herself in her studies and her books. She might not be the smartest girl, but she had focus. She might not be the most inspired, but she had a work ethic to take hertime to learn it and do it properly. From her father, she received a passion for the rules and enforcing them. But she didn't have teh force of personality to go into law enforcement. Bt she had the studiousness to go into law. But also she had a ways to go to get there.

Her focus set on being a lawyer, Jennifer worked hard on through high school of getting good enough grades to get in. She would go to UCLA to study political science, and then travel far away for law, going to the City University of New York. New York was different, but she was able to adjust in time. Still a recluse, still focused in her studies. But she was very,v ery good at her studies and the focus required to get through them. She took an internship while going to law school, passing the bar and then coming on as an associate with a New York City law firm.

She would specialize in criminal law at Reznick and Reznick, taking on clients she was convinced who were innocent. Because everyone deserved fairness in the system - particularly the accused. Her firm was willing to enable her, seeing someone dutiful that could learn on the job and would become an excellent lawyer with experience.

But life was never that simple, was it? One of the clients her firm was working with was accused of murder. Something was weird about the case - Jennifer was convinced the man was innocent and she could prove it in a court of law, but as the case came together the client began evading the firm. The case was close to going to trial and Jennifer decided to go get in touch with him. Where she found he had gone into hiding as the Maggia had framed him for murder and was then going to kill him if he tried to defend himself.

And then her cousin, whom she had not seen in years, would stumble into her. Almost literally. Heading away from her meeting with her client and trying to figure out what to do, she would literally fall over Bruce. He had been declared dead and missing. She would catch up with him and what he had become into.

The Incredible Hulk.

Meetings after, Jennifer was determined to defend her client as best she could. She wouldn't let the case fail or an innocent man go to jail if she could do anything about it. The Maggia objected. And ran her down in a drive by. Gunned down t the scene, she was 'saved' by her cousin's 'Other Guy'.

Jennifer would wake up in an abandoned (and severely wrecked) drug house. Head pounding, picked up by an anonymous 911 call. Somehow not dead despite having taken a tommygun full of bullets to the gut. The police had gotten into a firefight with a 'monster' while she was unconscious. Jennifer was off the case and with a long recovery ahead of her. Presuming she ever recovered enough to regain mobility.

A friend came to her in the hospital, trying to help her go and hide from the Maggia who would be after her again. The 'expressing concern for her well being' combined with the doctor's warnings she might never regain full physical mobility again made her snap. And Jennifer transformed.

Raging, smashing out of the hospital, she had become the SAVAGE SHE-HULK. Going on a rampage, she found the Maggia, beat a confession out of them, and would transform back. The next several months would be trying for her as Jennifer and She-Hulk would amalgamate. Unlike her 'cousin', She-Hulk was Jennifer but more extroverted. They were the same person. Jennifer learned to love being her 'new' self. She would end up in the months to come joining the Avengers, being a lawyer and PR for the team. Getting into modeling. Being an awesome lawyer. IT was like a childhood dream.

But nothing ever stayed simple. The Avengers had drama. The Avengers had aliens. The Avengers had things out to destroy existence. Jennifer fell in love with a man named Wyatt Wingfoot. It didn't work out as Jennifer was terrified of commitment and She-Hulk didn't want to be tied down. So she abandoned him at the altar. Going on a road trip, she would end up through a rather convoluted circumstances purchasing a glowing pink Cadillac on a whim. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

She would be an on-again and off-again Avenger, occasionally helping with the Fantastic Four to the point she would say she was offered 'an honorary foursome'. Publicly known as Jennifer Walters and an Avenger.. Jennifer Walters would end up completely vanishing from public life. Of course she was She-Hulk all the time. Why wouldn't she want to be? But whatever happened to the demure, small and shy girl that had been swallowed up inside?


  • Reserved: Jennifer Walters is reserved, almost shy. She's a wallflower - the type of person who doesn't stand out a lot. She's focused, generally quiet, and attentive. She tends to not voice strong opinions, and is dedicated to her job. She tends to try and avoid making waves and tries to be as stoic as possible. Most people often think of her as shy.

But not She-Hulk!

  • She-Hulk, in a contrast, loves being the center of things. She-Hulk is spontaneous, assertive, gorgeous, and a thrillseeker. She's brash, sometimes almost playfully arrogant, but also confident and sure of herself. Jennifer is an introvert and unsure of herself around people, or at least comes off as that way and passive. She-Hulk is extroverted, loves being the center of attention, and revels in life.

Jennifer Walters focuses on going on with life and trying to keep her head down. She-Hulk does not. Jennifer Walters is She-Hulk. The two are the same person. Just She-Hulk is sure of herself. Whereas her cousin's 'Other' is an inner, terrified child raging against the world.. She-Hulk is Jennifer given confidence in herself. Jennifer much prefers being She-Hulk and is almost not ever in Jennifer form anymore. Why would she want to be so small and unnoticed?



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