Purpose: Stark Enterprises is owned by Tony Stark and is an international corporation that develops items includes electronic, medical to even entertainment. He develop armor, transportation and other more quiet items such as spy equipment. It employs a number of researchers and developers, along with sales staff, secretarial, security, and more.
Location: Global, Headquarters in New York City
Stark Industries was founded by Isaac Stark Sr. in the 19th century, and was inherited by a number of Starks. In modern times, it had primarily become a weapon manufacturer. They had contracts with the U.S. Government and a contract with the U.N. branch known as S.H.I.E.L.D.. At the death of Howard Stark, Tony Stark his son inherited at the age of 21. The business improved by leaps and bounds.

Stark International was formed from Stark Industries after Tony's close brush to death at the hands of one of Stark Tech's own mines. It took a few years to form, and when completed it became a company built for the future and the global market. With subsidiaries in all parts of the world, it had a large hand in research and had a large effect of the international trade and economics.Since then, the company had branched out into medical research, electronic development, spy gear, entertainment and much more. It began to cut most of its government contracts and discontinued much of its military developments. This makes Hammer Industries happy in a way, except that Stark International was only going to get larger and better.

Stane International is what Stark International was renamed when Obadiah Stane seized the corporation. Tony Stark was ousted and after a brief disappear, and went to California to found Circuits Maximus, an electronics firm.

Stark Enterprises was created after Circuits Maximus was destroyed in an explosion and Iron Man defeated Iron Monger who was in reality Obadiah Stane to the death. Once Stark Enterprises was well-established, Tony Stark bought out Stane International and merged the companies. Once this was successfully done, Tony Stark returned to New York City.

Some of Stark Enterprises Patents

Clean Energy

  • Arc Reactor (Stark Expo New) – Currently being tested at the Avengers Academy, it is supplying energy not only at the Academy, but also Stark Enterprises, and the Avengers Mansion. It is still able to provide more energy, as there is no strain on its energy capacity.
  • Arc Reactor Power Cells (Stark Expo New) – These are rechargeable energy cells that were filled with energy from the arc reactor. Excess energy is bled off into these energy cells and they are shipped to places until Energy Stations are built as refill stations. What these energy cells do is get rid of the need for gas and lead-based batteries. It gets rid of most of the pollution from cars. Currently, the energy cells works in conjunction with electricity for jump starting and extend arc-battery life. When the Spark Model 1 cars are released to the public, Power Cell Refill Stations be arriving for provide these cells. They will work on a swap out basis, and though great for fueling vehicles, they are not designed nor powerful enough to operate as efficient weaponry based power cells.

Consumer Electronics/Entertainment

  • S-Network (Stark Expo New) – A network that does not only go across all Stark Tech projects, but also has a web browser compatible with other OS. It provides so much storage space free, and additional storage is cheap. It is quick, user-friendly and very secure.
  • S-Media (Stark Expo New) – This is a secondary service on the S-Network specific for streaming music, movies, and television programs to your Stark Tech devices or through your web browsers.
  • S-OS (Stark Expo New) – Though Stark Enterprises concentrated on creating the secure S-Network, their Stark Enterprises Operating System (S-OS) is nothing to sneeze at. It is programmable in computers, into rooted tablets and phones, and is great for personal and business use. For personal use it is highly customization from keeping it simple, to deciding exactly how you want to use your electronics. For business use it has great security features that area customization to permit the business the best flexibility and security in who has access to what information, as well as impressive firewalls. Though it is considered a closed source platform, the sheer customization of it makes it comparable to an open source without the security risks. Also selling private applications is an easy application process with only a small feel to get it bug tested for compatibility issues by S-Network Technicians as of course the OS is very integrated with the S-Network.
  • Stark Contrast (Stark Expo New) – To call this device a cell phone would be an offense to it. Though the HD touchscreen varies in size from 3 inches to 5 inches (Stark Contrast 3, Stark Contrast 4, Stark Contrast 5), it is expandable via holographic displays. It also has a front facing camera that can do the head imagery for and Holo-Video Chat just like the Holo-Communicator, and a back facing camera that is 30 MPs with applications on the phone, computers, and Holo-Data Pad that can have someone zoom in and study a fly up close inside a flytrap from numerous yards away clearly. It is comes with a 1TB worth of memory space which is also expandable by memory card of up to 1TB, and of course the S-Network. It has customized applications to manage your stats, friend list, and game purchases for the Holo S-Play as well. He has a Quin-Core processor and 5GB worth of processing memory. If purchased through Stark Enterprises directly, it is sold unlocked and is compatible with any provider that uses a SIM card or the user can actually pay for pay in advance service right through the S-Network. It also has full-fledged V.I. voice control system.
  • Earbud Bluetooth (Stark Expo New) – Not only that, but released with it (and compatible with the Holo-Data Pad) is an earbud bluetooth that works on tap or multi-tap to also verbal commands. It can handle all the major languages and a few more, and even some of the minor languages with software updates and installs, along with numerous accents, adapting to the user.
  • S-Network Cellular Pay in Advance Service (Stark Expo New) – $100/month for unlimited everything, talk, text, and high speed internet (exception for AT&T which is 10 GBs). The cost is higher than other cellular providers, but it has roaming contracts with most all the major cellular companies in the U.S. and Internationally (in over 180 international companies). It is the perfect prepaid service for the global man or woman, and all potential overage is given via alerts and the S-Network wallet can be loaded to purchase extras at the consumer’s wishes without worry about surprise bills.
  • HULK-Case (Stark Expo New) – A special designed case for cell phones, though they are created more than just for the Stark Contrast. It protects from water, dirt, concussive force, and has even been known to survive arrows. It is an expensive case, but it’s for those hard workers that just hate having to pay the insurance claims on their devices. There is also a version of this for the Holo-Data Pad, but no other versions are made for non-Stark tablets.
  • Holo-Data Pad (Stark Expo New) – An upgraded version of the Holo-PDA it has a lot more to offer. It still has the beautiful interactive hologram abilities (such as keyboard to even 3-D hologram images that can be built and taken apart depending on applications). But the front camera is actually not a normal camera on it, it is one that can take the 3-D image of someone’s face to small objects and actually share those images or project them to other Stark Tech users (essentially the Holo-Communicator, but only for heads), permitting Holo-Video chat options. The device also has normal phone capabilities with wireless Bluetooth technology. It is fully compatible for with the S*mart Home system. It has fingerprint and voice recognition to even eye scan security features, and for those that like the portability of phones, it is can share applications and security information via the S-Network.
  • Avengers and Avengers Academy Holo-ID Cards (Stark Expo New) – These are very similar to the Holo-Data Pad, just more minimized and with the ID on the front, while the back comes unlocked to reveal the interactive controls. It is also more resistant to damage as more expensive components are used within them.
  • S*mart Home (Stark Expo New) – Also known as Stark Enterprises Smart Home, it is an interactive system that corresponds via the S-Network in handling the security locks of one’s home, the air conditioning and heating, wireless slow cookers, Wi-Fi networks and so much more. There are even versions for small businesses and larger corporations. It is not only compatible with Stark Tech, but also any technology that is Bluetooth able, though it has better security protections for devices that are Stark Tech. It makes the possibility of a full-fledged Smart Home reasonable for the middle class, though it is still an investment, and even reasonable for a number of businesses.
  • Holo-Communicator V2 (Stark Expo New) – The new and improved Holo-Communicator or rather second generation has the ability to not only scan a person’s face to their entire body (or group of persons) and ‘display’ them in real-time to the receiver with voice, but to do so in color with a steadier display to give a more solid presence. These are good for long-distance meetings, even across the world, and the packet data is even faster with the use of the S-Network which is built specially to handle it.
  • S-Camera (Stark Expo New) – This is the new and improved version of the Holo-Scanner. Still a holographic scanner and display, it can actually link up to the S-Network to transmit data, has a special editing application for the Holo-Data Pad, and is opening a new form of artwork much like the 3-D Printer has done. To start the advertisement of the S-Camera, quite a number of these cameras have been donated to art institutes, colleges and university known for their art programs, and even some high schools in NYC known to promote heavily in the arts. It has the ability to take numerous photos to create an image as large as 400 by 400 feet (though the software update for taking tiny shredder pieces of paper and making a single image is restricted for law enforcement agencies). From 3-D blueprints that one can sort of see through to solid multi-colored images, this camera has the ability to record and when combined with the S-Camera application create seeming miracles.
  • Holo S-Play (Stark Expo New) – This is the second generation to the S-HoloBox. It not only includes the soft-light interactive experience from its predecessor, but its interactive controls are easier and now in color! Furthermore, it has the ability at times to feel semi-solid, such as when holding the control stick in a jet pilot game, or the trigger and gun butt in a shooting game. The interesting thing is sections feel only semi-solid giving slight resistance, but is not truly solid. As a result they cannot accidentally cause damage. They game console also have the ability to interact with a regular television or a Holo-Television.
  • Physical Limitation Over-Rule (In Development) - This is a program downloadable (for free for those that provide disability documentation) that permits those with physical limitations to play the physically demanding games with 'assistance'. It compensates for the physical mobility loss, studying player physical limitations to judge what they can do while handling the rest.
  • S-Play Network (Stark Expo New) – This S-Play Network is a place where one can purchase games for download rather than buy hard copies, purchase avatars, or even play the multiplayer games.
  • Flight Dreams 2 (Stark Expo New) – A flight simulator game that puts you in first person view with a beyond realistic visuals for it. Also has the ability to play over the S-Play Network.
  • Professional Racing 2 (Stark Expo New) – A race car and motorcycle game that not only uses race tracks, but actual city streets from real locations. The beautiful scenery display is a must for the game, and it can also play with others over the S-Play Network.
  • WWII – Invaders & Howling Commandos VS. Nazis (Stark Expo New) – Influenced by real historical events, but very much the act of fantasy, it permits people to play the Howling Commandos from Captain America, to Bucky, to Nick Fury, and more against the Nazis. In multi-player, one can play the Howling Commandos or Nazis, with the Nazis having Red Skull, Baron Zemo, and more infamous figures as well as the Nazi minions. The cool thing other than getting to play on the S-Play Network is a percentage is of game purchases are given to Victims of Supervillains because criminals can’t exactly sue as they would be arrested whenever they showed up for court!
  • Avengers VS. The Time Travelers (Stark Expo New) – A sequel to Avengers VS. Kang the Conqueror, it now has a storyline where people can play single or multi-players in person or through the S-Play Network to fight against Kang the Conqueror, Time Trapper, and Labyrinth. Of course, they aren't true to scale! There is even a hero verse hero sparring or hero verse villain game play in person or via the S-Play Network for multiply players, or even single player against a V.I. with five different difficulty settings.
  • Elves & Swords (Stark Expo New) – An RPG with more than a touch of humor. Though wonderful graphics with great personalization of the main character as you get to shoot a bow, fight with a sword, and even be taught martial arts and honest fighting with real instruction techniques from real instructors that got incorporated into the game, the fantasy comes alive. You can choose your own theme from very serious to very silly, which completely influences how realistic to fantastical it gets, and there are alternative storylines for genders and races, as well as history and classes. Even magic is an option, but it involves aiming to ‘throw spells’ and incantations, to more ceremony-like actions for area effects. There is a simple player version with V.I. party members that have interactive personalities, to multiplayer parties on the S-Play Network. Perhaps the silliest storyline is the gay male elf whose primary objective is to find a male mate and have a baby with them! The plot-line ends up with either adoption involved or a magically created clay child (thank you for that particular inspiration Wonder Woman!).
  • Zombie'R'Us (Stark Expo New) – From adults to kid zombies, you ARE the zombies! Rather than trying to save the world, you are trying to create a zombie rule! The problem is, if you kill all the non-zombies, you got nothing to eat, oops! Hungry zombies make grumpy zombies! So it’s a fighting game mixed with tactics and logistics, and can be as pointless to as rewarding at the players want. There is even an S-Play Network version that lets players select Zombies or Humans and play against each other for domination of the world with the assistance of V.I.s! These games can be for points for one-time sessions or people can meet up more regularly for a long-term game that can last till true dominion over the world!


  • Flying Car V2 (Stark Expo New) – The flying cars have now been upgraded! There are more versions of them rather than only the Porsche 904s or Chrysler “Prowler”, they are more fuel efficient as they use the arc reactor refill power cells, and finally have civilian versions as well. Of course, to purchase one someone needs their pilot license and it’s more of a purchase for the rich and famous, but it is one step closer to becoming a reality for the everyday man.
  • Medi-Hover (Stark Expo New) – This is similar to the flying car, but actually has a back loader where patients or supplies can be loaded. It is more stable than a helicopter and though more technologically advice, its tech is also less prone to malfunctions as long as basic upkeep is kept. Though called the Medi-Hover it is not only for hospitals for transports, but also for military, and with additional T-Plating actually armored vehicles for security companies.
  • Spark Model 1 (Stark Expo New) – Even 'normal' cars are getting some attention as well. Using arc reactor power cell technology, the Stark Enterprises Spark Model 1 is an electric car that remedies most of the problems with current electric cars, range. The more efficient power cell is able to go 300 miles on a single fuel cell. The easy way of refueling the vehicle is to simply swap out the fuel cell for a fresh one, just like switching a propane tank on a grill. This will decrease reliance not only on fossil fuels, but also lead-based batteries, a real environmental boon.


  • MediScan (Stark Expo New) – This is an upgraded version of the Medical Scanner, it still performs scans on people that are non-intrusive X-Rays for bone damage and foreign objects, as well as internal radar-like scan to check for tissue damage, as well as CAT and MRIs in only a few short minutes and able to compensate for small movements. It can also do prenatal scans as early as four weeks and give imagery of the fetus.
  • Vital-Scan (Stark Expo New) – This scanner can be used with the MediScan or on regular medical beds. It monitors heart rate, blood pressure and breathing without any hookups. The IV system that also connects to it is less intrusive than the traditional one, leaving less blending behind and though there are two inserts, it also monitors chemical levels in the bloodstream and auto-adjusts due to programing to handle the IV injections. It also alerts medical personnel of unusual readings before an individual will typically flat line or enter full-blown allergic or worse reactions.
  • Synthetic Organs (Stark Expo New) – Extending human life through the art of synthetics, let us just hope REPO doesn't become a reality! Tony Stark himself already long had the synthetic heart, but the synthetic lungs and liver has now come into play, though the synthetic liver has a restricted diet, and the smoke can cause quick deterioration of the artificial lungs, it is still more stable than transplant organs. Multiple synthetic organs can cause additional complications, but Stark Enterprises is one step closer to merging synthetic with organic in a peaceful co-existence as the reject rate of the artificial organs is minimum and rare.
  • Artificial Limbs (Stark Expo New) – Still specializing in military grade limbs, they still create a low-cost civilian line. There is some nerve connections that permit some response of the limbs in human-like natural movements, but it is not to the level of the military grades due to the strive to keep it affordable. Still, the civilian grades are lightweight, generally durable, and won't set off metal detectors. They are also more reliable than the previous civilian releases.
  • Flesh-Healing Serum - Serum that closes any open wound in two seconds with synthetic liquid tissue.
  • Flesh-Healing Serum V2 (Stark Expo New) – The first version would seal almost any open wound in two seconds with synthetic liquid tissue, and is still available on the market. However, version two is more intense as it can actually be used in place of flesh in sealing gaping wounds. This can work temporarily, or if properly handled during repeated applications actually work in place of a skin graph, permitting a person’s skin to start to naturally grow back instead without great levels of pain and discomfort.
  • Holo-Band (Stark Expo New) – The first version of the holoband used soft-light technology, while this version of the Holo-Band does the same, it is actually slightly resistant though firm pressure can still go through the illusion. It gives the sample of texture though it is not truly solid, giving people a more ‘normalcy’ feeling when undergoing severe plastic surgery, burn recovery, and so on. Though still only accessible to sign out via medical centers and cannot be re-programmed except by the proper equipment and passcodes (unless someone is an amazing hacker), it has the ability to give full body cover without interfering with the visual of the natural clothes.


  • G-Station (Stark Expo New) - Also known as the Gravity Station is a new space station created by to provide artificial gravity. While using the generally accepted concept of the smaller the circle, the faster it has to spin, it actually creates a circle within a circle for the space station. Essentially within the outer circle, there is a fast moving outer shell that has a split in it that permits entry and departure without risk of connecting with its outer spinning shell. This shell creates the force required to give the artificial gravity inside. For further protection, power cells that work off solar energy with emergency energy batteries that charge on standby that can be inserted provide a force field about the outer shell that is typically more than enough to handle any accidental fender benders to prevent the destruction of the incoming object against fast moving object.
  • Mark IV Space Ship (Stark Expo New) - Don’t ask about the first three. Working in conjunction with Dr. Reeds Richards in making a corporate space ship, he and Tony Stark were able to able to create the Mark IV Space Ship. It can only fit four people at most within it, and does need supplemented with solar energy for takeoff, but the power cells can sustain the ship in orbit with backup power cells that solar recharge on standby and for relanding with the use of anti-grav repulsors to slow it as it re-enters gravity. Furthermore, the outer shell does extend out and spin once it is in orbit, and though it does not give the full effect of gravity, it does give more resistance so that those within are not completely in zero gravity. Rather than relying solely on its metal integrity, it makes use of force fields. This is why it requires additional charging in takeoff, and the emergency backup cells can also be used during landings to provide additional protection via the shielding. While NASA was fighting with private sectors on controls over space travel development, Stark Enterprises and Dr. Richards just went and did it and asked for forgiveness afterwards.
  • Jupiter Landing Vehicle - Code named JLV for use on the surface and gravity of the planet Jupiter.


  • Radiation Resistant Alloy - Material capable of resisting radiation for use in space capsules. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
  • T-Plating (Stark Expo New) - It is a lightweight hard alloy, mostly made up of titanium, titanium aluminide, and ti-based alloys which makes the metal bulletproof.


Military Defense

  • Observer Missiles - Remotely controlled missiles equipped with surveillance equipment.
  • Impact Fatigues (Stark Expo New) - A new design that is meant for everyday use, it has a high perform lightweight Kelvar that will resist cutting and even stabs. Not only that, but the fatigues have sections that are easily replaced where a liquid-gel is inserted via flexible bags between the fabrics pieces of Kelvar which honestly feels like tough, but smooth cotton. At high impact either by poundage via knife or bullet, it actually hardens instantly and protects the user from not only puncture damage, but also lessens bruising or tissue damage as it spreads the impact out over a wider space. It is actually a new form of nano-technology. The good news though is instead of it perhaps destroying the world when one tries to reverse engineer it like unstable molecules, it is actually set off and hardens as if impacted, becoming impossible to reverse engineer at that point.
  • Missile Friendly (Stark Expo New) – People may laugh at the name, but for those that know of the Anti-Missile called the Mangler Missile, this is its successor. Instead of just attaching to the enemy missile to take control over it, it actually just completely disables all its electronic components in a short-burst EMP before it bubbles it. These Missile Friendlies are also faster than the Mangler Missile, able to be redirected in mid-air if they miss a target, and when they bubble its special impact gel is actually created about it and the missile it is attached to so that when it falls it does not risk the missile going off from impact. Finally, the gel has a tracer chemical in it that won’t harm the environment, so the military can track and retrieve it afterwards. Sometimes, just because you can sick the missile back where it came from, doesn't mean it’s always a good idea to do so.

Military Transport

  • Flight Pack Elite (Stark Expo New) – The successor to the Flight Pack, it is also known as the Jet Pack Elite. The harness on it is now more dependable and though it is still worn across the back, there are actually gauntlets and boots that go with the flight pack elite to act as stabilizers and boosters rather than making use of side joysticks. It’s a mixture of small twin rocket thrusters and repulsor technology, which makes reverse engineering it not particularly useful in creating pure repulsor technology. The equipment also works with body armor, and can be boosted to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. Mandroids (the updated version of the discontinued ones Tony Stark built many years ago that is produced by S.H.I.E.L.D. Technicians).
  • Mini-Submarine - A one-man scout sub that can out run and out flank almost any torpedo.


  • Freon Gun - A small, single-hand 'gun' that uses compressed tablets of Freon to flash-freeze non-organic objects for easy break-ins, and by use of enough physical force or sudden heat, could cause the object to shatter. It will destroy electronic equipment, and can kill organic things.


  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Satellite

Spy Gear

  • SecuriCase - A small metallic briefcase that sends back false data when scanned by X-Rays. It also has a code sequence to be opened, and typically cannot be forced open without damaging the case (and likely the contents).
  • Holo-Scanner - A holographic scanner and displayer that is capable of scanning areas and displaying them from minimized to full size holographic models or simply on the little screen, in full 3-D. It works in about a 300 by 300 range, can have multi-scans interlinked to create a 3-D blueprint or even connect sections of a shredded piece of paper, etc. It doesn't quite have the same interactivity that the holo-scanner of the Holo-PDA has, but can handle larger projects.


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