DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameKon-El, Conner Kent
CodenameSuperboy, Experiment 13
SpeciesClone (Half Human/Half Kyrptonian)
Age5 (18)
AffiliationTitans, Super Family
  • Tactile Telekinesis
  • Force Fields
  • Super Strength
  • Vibrations
  • Flight
  • Kryptonian Physiology
  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Super Hearing
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Heat Vision
  • Solar Energy Absorption
  • Flight
  • Super Speed
  • Healing Factor
  • Superhuman Reflexes

Superboy, the Boy of Steel, is known as a member of Young Justice / Teen Titans. Formerly known as a publicity-seeking superhero declaring himself to be Superman, Superboy seems to have settled down and matured lately.

Conner Kent is known as Clark Kent's cousin, staying in Smallville with Jonathan and Martha Kent. He is enrolled in Smallville High as a student, as a neebish bespectacled young man.


Created at Cadmus, using Kryptonian DNA after Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, Conner was originally called Experiment 13, he was created with the combination of Kryptonian and Human DNA, the first proving too difficult to replicate. He was released from vat by clones of the original Newsboy Legion, who had become scientists at Cadmus, who gave him the moniker Superboy, as well as a leather jacket. He refused to acknowledge the name, calling himself Superman.

Superboy headed to Metropolis, to take up his mantle as Superman, but found himself one of four people claiming the nam, and discovered he had certain powers (tactile telekinesis) that Superman did not, and lacked certain others that the Man of Steel would have possessed. It was hre that he met Tana Moon, a young would-be reporter from Hawaii, developing a certain agreement where she would report on his activies and he would pander to the camera, eventually meeting up with the publicist Rex Leech and trademarking the Superman name. When Coast City was destroyed, the Cyborg Superman took Superboy with him in pursuit of the Last Son of Krypton, who had apparently gone rogue, only to turn on Superboy with the help of Mongul, who he'd destroyed the city with. Superboy escaped, and flew to warn Supergirl and the Supermen, including the returned original, who banded together to defeat the threat. Afterwards they returned to Metropolis, where Superman and Superboy learned that Superboy was not entirely Superman's clone. Superboy sold back the rights to the Superman name for a dollar.

Rex Leech set up a publicity tour to promote Superboy, but after stopping at Hawaii, Superboy decided to stay, meeting Tana Moon again, as the reporter had returned home, the two becoming an on again off again couple. He fought many foes, ranging from King Shark to Silver Sword, and teamed up with various teams, ranging from the time-lost Legion of Superheroes, to the Ravers, a group of teens who were members of an intergalactic rave called the Event Horizon. It was also while he was in Hawaii that he met Dr. Roquette Serling, a bright young Cadmus doctor. A clone plague struck, causing Superboy to nearly die, until Roxy Leech, and Cadmus helped save him through a timely intervention using Roxy's DNA, leaving him functionally immortal as the cure took away his ability to age. During this time, he met and battled another Superboy clone, one who would be called 'Match'. Before long, he left Hawaii due to the island's inability to fully embrace Superboy, mostly due to the lack of understanding the young superhero had about their culture.

After leaving Hawaii, Superboy took a job at Cadmus and found a home there, becoming a special field agent, investigating Cadmus's DNAlien disturbances. During this time, impressed with Superboy's growing sense of responsibility, Superman brought him to the Fortress of Soltitude, and shared a story from Kryptonian history about a Kryptonian historical figure from his family, officially adopting Superboy as a cousin, and gaving him the same name as that historical figure, a name that meant more to Superboy because it was -his-: Kon-El. When a Superboy came out of nowhere and died on the JLA table, Superboy arrived to investigate ending up travelling through Hypertime, defeating an alternate version of himself called Black Zero. During the course of this adventure, he met a young Superboy, and discovered Superman's true identity: Clark Kent.

Kon-el met Robin and Impulse for the first time when the three came together to investigate a strange case. This was where they would first meet the young being known as 'The Secret'. When the world's grown-ups had all seemingly vanished, they came together to fight against a cosmic-powered being, restoring the world with his defeat. This lead to the formation of Young Justice, with the Red Tornado as their JLA mentor. They would shortly welcome the Secret, Arrowette, and most importantly, Wonder Girl as members. Sometime after the girls had joined, Arrowette's guidance counselor was killed. Superboy would stop her from killing the ex-boyfriend of the guidance counselor, but this set off a sequence in which eventually the purpose of young heroes would come to be questioned - whether they were too young to fight crime. Superboy, however, was not present for most of this, as he had been captured and replaced by the clone known as 'Match'. Match had triggered the sequence in which Young Justice would come under fire, but this would become moot, as Klarion the Witch-Boy would come along, and set off...

Klarion had turned all the older heroes into teens, and the young teens into older heroes, with the inbetweeners remaining unchanged, including Superboy, thanks to his inability to age, quickly falling ill instead. Superboy returned to Cadmus, where it was discovered that his functional inability to age was clashing with the spell. Through Cadmus intervention his ability to age was restored, and Superboy became Superboy Sr. However, in the process, Amanda Spence, who had been revealed to be Paul Westfield's daughter, killed Tana Moon, Wonder Girl intervening to stop Superboy from killing Amanda Spence. Superboy Sr. then gets together with Superman Jr. and reveals he knows the secret identity of Clark Kent. After Klarion was caught and reverted everyone back to normal, Superboy lost his powers, and spent some time as a powerless field agent. He would rely on his wits and gadgets to surive, until his powers are restored. Some time later, Cadmus is destroyed during the Imperiex invasion, in which Superboy confronts Amanda Spence, now an insane Cyborg, for the last time. Afterwards, Kon-el returns to Metropolis, taking over as an apartment superintendent.

Through all this time, Superboy's relationships have developed. Close allies and friends with Robin, and a growing relationship between Superboy and Wonder Girl. Young Justice's roster would change, adding some and losing more, leaving a small group of Young Justice unable to fend off the attacks of a Superman Robot and Indigo, and ending with the death of Donna Troy. Young Justice would disband, and Kon-El would settle on taking a secret identity of his own, living with Superman's Earth parents and taking on the name 'Conner Kent'. Shortly thereafter, the remaining members of Young Justice and the Titans would merge into a single Titans group, including the reformed Indigo. Shortly thereafter, Conner would discover that his human half was not Paul Westfield, but Lex Luthor. A Lex / Brainiac team-up caused Kon-El to go mad and nearly kill Wonder Girl. Ashamed of this, he would take a short break from the Titans...

In the chaos and confusion following the merging of the worlds, Superboy emerged from retirement on a part-time basis, advancing to his senior year at Smallville high. Now that he's graduated, and Superman is still in retirement, he has taken up his father's mantle, serving as a hero in this confusing time for his adopted home.


Conner has matured a lot with the loss of Tana, having come to understand the consequence of his actions more fully, and the responsibility his powers bring. The fun-loving teen is still there, but the devil-may-care attitude is gone, the former Hero of Hawaii no longer so prone to displaying his power in the showoffy way he was once so known for.


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