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The current generation of Titans is composed of members of the last team and the now disbanded Young Justice. Headquartered in San Francisco, the team is split into senior and junior teams with the senior team serving as mentors without controlling or trying to take charge of the junior team. While each has it's own leaders and missions, the team is a family in the end and the members help when and where needed. Titans Tower serves as a headquarters for the team as well as a home for many of the members and the team is well respected in San Francisco.
Location: San Francisco
Senior Team Members
Junior Team Members
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Recruitment for New Members

  1. Potential Recruit RPs with an Active Titan member.
  2. Active Titan member makes an IC +bbpost on the Titan board suggesting Potential Recruit for Junior/Senior Team.
  3. An Active Titan member runs a scene for Potential Recruit and posts it to the wikia.
  4. An OOC +bbpost is then made on the Titan board with a link to the log. Active Titan members have 10 days to make an IC vote or express IC concerns on the +bboard and OOC concerns to the OOC Team Leader. Majority wins.
  5. Only when OOC membership is approved, will IC Recruitment RP begin.
  6. Typically, a New Recruit has 30 days probation to permit an easy dissolve of membership if things do not work out. They normally cannot live in the Titans Tower until their probation period is observed. 8th floor and command center access would also typically be restricted until probation period has ended.

Safe House

With characters need a safe house and going to the Titans for assistance, there should be an IC building of trust before they are permitted into restricted areas. As a result, they are required to stay on non-restricted floors only.

Living quarters for them are created as needed and generally are not in the Titans Tower.

8th Floor

The 8th floor is where people live/sleep, and is Members only. Safe House individuals (if given pre-approval) and potential recruits should always be escorted. However, there should be some IC connections established beforehand. Why is said potential recruit coming to hang out if they do not have established friendships with more than one member of the team? Otherwise, roof tops are great places to hang out, and you can also keep an eye out for any trouble that way. Also, if someone is brought up to the common room (8th floor), it should be announced (either on the IC channel or +bboard) that they will be there, and members can take it as an IC warning to wear their masks (or Arsenal can use it to make sure his daughter stays in her room until he is sure it is safe for her). It's basically to give the Titans Tower a better sense of security, without blocking out potential RP.


In general, a decision by a team leader (Robin or Nightwing) such as letting someone in the upper floors, trusting someone with a communicator, letting them hang around the 8th floor Common Room if not a member requires approval by either XO. This approval can be OOC as well for such things, and they can be approached on channel, pages, or @mail. If a decline/veto is given, then things should be talked over OOC with the team leader who made the decision and the character in question to try and come to a compromise, and failing that should be brought to an OOC vote with the team.